Fortnite MEGA, Chapter 4: new season 2, skins, weapons, crossover with AOT, Battle Pass, exit

Fortnite MEGAchapter 4 of the second season, is just arrived with a series of very interesting news. In this article we will focus on the main changes, from new skins to weapons. Let us know what you think and keep following us on VideogiochItalia. Fortnite MEGA, Chapter 4: Weapons and Vehicles The weapons Among the … Read more

The “sinister” new generation of weapons being developed by several countries (such as the missile used against the leader of al Qaeda)

Peter Lee The Conversation* 8 August 2022 image source, Getty Images Caption, A US drone with a Hellfire missile like the one used against Ayman al-Zawahiri The recent death of al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri in a CIA drone strike was the latest US response to the attacks on the Twin Towers on September … Read more

This is what cyborg soldiers are like: laser weapons, Matrix technology and 3D maps


Following a nuclear war, the next threat facing what remains of the human race in the 21st century is a deadly plague. This is the setting for a forgotten film titled cyborgstarring Jean Claude Van Damme. The Belgian actor gave life to Pearl Prophet, a half-human, half-robot creature. I mean, a cyborg. Cyborg is an … Read more

Weapons and Shooting: Defensive shooting in national preview, an OPES


The limits of the commercial, the criticisms, the overview, the problems of the sector and the solutions. What is a critique? By criticism, we mean the activity that consists in the analysis and evaluation of any situation in any context. This activity is exercised by a professional category, has a public nature and is carried … Read more

Battlefield 2042: Season 3 Crescendo is announced with new content (weapons, specialist, map…)


After a slightly more timid season 2 than the first, Battlefield 2042 continues its improvements and its “redemption” with a part of the players by bringing major updates to the FPS of DICE and Electronic Arts. Here’s everything you need to know about Season 3: Crescendo. Zain the new specialist and a return to basics … Read more

Laser weapons and hypersonic missiles: the US will build a next

Given the numerical superiority of the Popular Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), which grows every year, the US Navy is poised to build and introduce a next-generation warship with never-before-seen capabilities. The workhorse of the US Navy and a frequent visitor to the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait for freedom of navigation operations, the Arleigh … Read more

Call of Duty: Vanguard throws logic overboard and introduces villains from past games and futuristic weapons


2022-08-18 If something must be recognized Activision is the tremendous persistence he had with Call of Duty: Vanguard. The game was not only destroyed by critics and players in its first few months, but it was also losing players over time. And even so, Sledgehammer Games Y Treyarch they never stopped adding more and more … Read more

Smart Weapons: A Safer Alternative to Regular Weapons


In the United States, tragedies involving shootings are numerous. Some of them relate to children who were shot while playing with a gun. These cases are mainly explained by the high number of households that have them. In fact, 40% of adults live in a house where there are firearms according to Pew Research Center. … Read more