The best Italian videogame releases of 2022/2023

Italy has always been a land of great artistic, musical and culinary talent, but in recent years it has also revealed itself as a hotbed of high-quality video game development. Not only do we have consolidated companies such as Ubisoft Milano, Nacon Italia and Milestone, but also many other small and medium-sized companies that have … Read more

Peugeot Inception Concept: 680 HP electric with videogame steering wheel [FOTO e VIDEO]


 Peugeot chose the CES in Las Vegas to unveil the new concept car Inceptiona prototype with a futuristic flavor combined with a design characterized by some classic cues that foreshadows what the next generation of electric-powered sedans and SUVs will look like that the Casa del Leone will start offering on the market starting … Read more

Stray, all the beauty of the videogame that will make you become “gattari”


As a cat lady I could not let myself escape Straya very special indie, between platform, adventure and puzzle game, developed by Blue Twelve Studio and published by Annapurna Interactive, publisher already known for extraordinary titles such as Kentucky Route Zero, What Remains of Edith Finch or Outer Wilds. The game ends in less than … Read more

PLAY: the videogame as an art form at the Reggia di Venaria exhibition


What is the video game? The million dollar question is now a question that society as a whole must find an answer to. The recent pandemic has in fact turned people’s lives upside down, relegating them to their homes for long periods and forcing them to find new ways to socialize or simply to entertain … Read more

“Mario Strikers Battle League is almost the videogame of Florentine football” in the words of Riccardo Trevisani

After his commentary of an entire Strike match, we went back to bother him to let us tell his perspective on the game, his impressions and the potential he sees us, as an expert in the world of sport, even in an esports key. For those unfamiliar with the crazy world of Mario Strikers Battle … Read more