A la Blade Runner: Flying vehicle takes its first ride in Dubai

A Chinese company tested an electric flying taxi in dubai on October 10, offering a glimpse of the futuristic technology that someday might move users Through cities above the traffic. The XPeng X2developed by the aviation subsidiary of Guangzhou-based XPeng Inc, is one of dozens of flying car projects Worldwide. Only a few have been … Read more

Peugeot Inception Concept, futuristic electric vehicle

Peugeot Inception Concept, futuristic electric vehicle. The automaker revealed a prototype of the Peugeot Inception Concept, a model that hints at the next generation of electric vehicles from 2025. Peugeot Inception Electric Concept The Peugeot Inception Concept takes the form of a futuristic four-seat electric sedan. Visually there’s a clear connection to the 2018 e-Legend … Read more

When NASA wanted to replace the Shuttle with a cheap and futuristic space vehicle: VentureStar


At the dawn of the space race, NASA benefited from a huge budget flow to achieve your most ambitious goals. And he really achieved extraordinary achievements, such as the development of the Apollo Program, which allowed 12 astronauts to set foot on the Moon in different missions. However, as space exploration progressed, the US agency … Read more

Carrefour Massy is testing a Drive Mobile service by autonomous vehicle


Carrefour Massy and Goggo Network: a project under close surveillance To be able to deploy this new service to its customers, Carrefour has teamed up with Goggo Network, an operator specializing in autonomous logistics. In order to carry out this phase of experimentation in real conditions, the two actors had to obtain an exceptional authorization … Read more

Vision AVTR: the futuristic vehicle from Mercedes Benz

Vision AVTR is the name of the innovative concept of vehicle of a collaboration between Mercedes Benz and the Avatar team. So far this is a prototype of a show car that embodies the vision of the designers, engineers and trend researchers of Mercedes Benz for mobility in the distant future. East vehicle contains four … Read more

Manufacturing of the world’s first solar vehicle begins: This will be its incredible price


Since the invention of the automobile and the use of fossil fuels, the automotive industry has made great efforts to find clean and renewable sources of energy. A new contender in the market is added to steam, hydrogen and electricity cars, as the world’s first solar vehicle has started its commercial production. By the hand … Read more

BZ Compact Suv Concept, Toyota’s manifesto of 2026 innovations. The electric vehicle anticipates bZ (Beyond Zero) brand values

NEWS THE FILM Ferruccio Lamborghini, the portrait beyond the myth. Film by Moresco at the Rome Film Fest and on Prime Video from January THE STRATEGY MG strengthens the range and aims high, for 2023 the target is … Read more

This solar vehicle has three wheels and can travel up to 600 kilometers per charge


The Aptera 3 Gamma is not just any electric vehicle; it is committed to achieving maximum efficiency and range that far exceeds the largest ranges currently available. It achieves this through optimized aerodynamics and integrated solar panels, even if its appearance is unusual to say the least. The latter is undoubtedly the first element that … Read more

Adventure 1, the definitive electric Camper more similar to a lunar vehicle


The Camper phenomenon, together with zero-emission mobility, has no limits. The latest proposal comes from Canada, where the new Potential Motors startup has presented the Adventure 1. An interesting 100% electric vehicle with very compact dimensions that offers everything to get lost in the world. The offer Camper It is gaining more ground all over … Read more