Les Espaces d’Abraxas, an architectural utopia overtaken by reality

NOISY-PE-GRAND: In the morning, when the city of Espaces d’Abraxas is still sleeping, a few tourists venture there to Instagram its monumental dystopian architecture famous as far as Hollywood. But from noon in this Parisian suburb, the lookouts settle down on their folding chairs and hunt the curious: the drug trade resumes its course. Behind … Read more

The metaverse in fiction: Matrix or utopia in dystopia

Sunlight has disappeared from the Earth’s surface, and humans don’t know it. Plunged into a deep sleep, locked in cocoons of glass, they live in a virtual reality. They are in “The Matrix,” an AI-controlled computer simulation that has taken over the world. In every way, a metaverse. The plot of the “Matrix” film series … Read more

“Utopia”: from the ancestral to the technological, the new young neighborhood of arteba


On its first day open to the public, arteba had a large influx of visitors and optimistic gallery owners. Gachi Prieto, Barro and many others started the day by replacing the exhibited works with others, because they were already sold. In the morning, in Barro they replaced the sculpture by Gabriel Chaile that was sold … Read more

“I liked living there”: Régis Sauder gives body and image to the futuristic utopia of Cergy


“I liked living there” (2021), documentary directed by Régis Sauder. SHELLAC THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – TO SEE Régis Sauder likes to take the pulse of cities. After the remarkable Back to Forbach in 2017 – an intimate and political x-ray of his hometown at a time of deindustrialization and extreme right-winging – here … Read more

Against the damned normality: history, phenomenology and utopia of Factory Records

Being passionate about music involves a risk: that is, making music the pivot of everything, the means and the end, the vocabulary and the code. Take the Factory: it is obvious that we are talking about a music label, capable of including in the catalog records and bands that still today constitute terms of comparison … Read more

Making films respecting the environment? With “Eco Set” applied to “Ghiaccio”, utopia becomes reality


In the movies, the climate has taken the place of the aliens … Is it possible to make an ‘eco-sustainable’ film? It looks like a science fiction movie, it’s not. We see – even if now more according to the ‘sofa’ of the house, thanks to the many productions that, during and after the pandemic, … Read more