DC Universe: James Gunn announced new DC films | TechBriefly IT

Fans have been waiting for it, James Gunn has unveiled the new DC Universe films! DC Studios has shared its full roster of film and television ventures, under the auspices of James Gunn and Peter Safran. This huge lineup includes five feature films and five television series, streaming on HBO Max, and is set to … Read more

The teaser trailer of Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, a new sequel to Masters of the Universe and other news from Geeked Week 2022

News also on Arcane, Entergalactic, Farzar and Kong: Skull Island. From the third day of the Geek Week 2022 Of Netflix lots of interesting news and previews have arrived on a large number of animated series on the streaming service. We have already told you about renewal of Inside Job for a second season and … Read more

Every DC Movie in Order: The Extended Universe Timeline by Release Date and Through Official Continuity

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, harley quinn or the very joker they are much more than superheroes and villains: they are icons that have transcended popular culture. Born in comics, we have enjoyed them through paper, television and video games. Now, at VidaExtra, we have proposed that you enter the ambitious universe of DC Films through … Read more

Video game testing. Midnight Suns: Fight the Dark Side of the Marvel Universe


By Laurent Le Fur Published on 19 Dec 22 at 20:22 The Echo of Argoat See my news Follow this media Marvel’s Midnight Suns. (©Actu.fr screenshot) New Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a tactical role-playing game on consoles and PC, where you embody characters from the Marvel universe, “in its dark and supernatural side”. This concept, … Read more

If you like the Cyberpunk 2077 universe, here are 21 dystopian science fiction movies and series that will fascinate you

There are many offending elements in cyberpunk 2077 that manage to trap the player in their universe. Some have to do with the way you interact with him, such as his role-playing essence or his game mechanics, but others contribute essence and identity. Not only in terms of aesthetics, but also the concept of imposing … Read more

Interview with Diego Luna: how ‘Andor’ is changing everything within the Star Wars universe


I finished buying a latte in a specialty cafeteria near my house and I prepare to walk, calmly, towards the hotel where I will sit for a few minutes with diego luna to talk of Andorthe series that narrates the events leading up to Rogue One Y has taken us all by surprise. Politics, rebellions, … Read more

James Webb Space Telescope: a futuristic look at the Universe


Many of us, at some point, will have used even a short time one of the amazing photos taken by the Hubble telescope as wallpaper on your desktop or smartphone. The images captured during its, at times troubled, over thirty years of history made us dream, explore with more than imagination corners of the universe … Read more

Who was Mary Blair? The Disney illustrator who built a universe around color


Who was Mary Blair? This creative was one of the key figures in some of the most important films of the beginning of Disney. You may not know his name, but surely you have seen some of his drawings. This American illustrator created the artistic concepts for such iconic films as Cinderella, Peter Pan, Alice … Read more

The Corinthian leaves to devour the capitalist in the sequel to The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country in April 2023 | COMICSBLOG.fr

Admittedly, sometimes adaptations are good. And not necessarily for what they produce as such, but for what they engender. In the case of the series The Sandmanhonest and sympathetic adaptation of the masterpiece of neil gaimanthe prospect of success on the platform netflix had motivated DC Comics to produce more material about Corinthian, the real … Read more

The Universe, science fiction and everything according to Albert Monteys


Born as a digital comic on the US platform Panel Syndicate, Tunué brings the paper version of Universe! of the Spanish Albert Monteysborrowing the horizontal format of the elegant hardcover from the Iberian edition of the Astiberri Ediciones. As Monteys himself tells in the funny comic afterword at the end of the volume, this book … Read more