The world’s first positive energy impact residential fund acquires the Elithis tower project in Mulhouse

( — The Catella-Elithis Positive Energy Fund (CEEPF), the world’s first real estate investment vehicle to focus exclusively on residential programs that produce more renewable energy than the electricity consumed by buildings and tenants, has acquired a program of 64 apartments in Mulhouse, which will be developed by its partner Elithis Groupe, the French sustainable … Read more

Problems with the detection of airplanes force to delay the futuristic control tower of Peinador

If there is a maxim with which you work in the aviation sector, it is that safety always comes first. And if there are doubts that something could go wrong, it stops and is reviewed. This is what is currently happening with the project of the Peinador remote control tower. The civil works of the … Read more

“Justice in France”: a program to “bring justice out of its ivory tower”


A first on French television: the cameras enter the courtrooms. Dominique Verdeilhan, presenter of the new monthly magazine of France 3 shot partly in the courts, will decipher the mechanisms of “everyday justice”. Bring the viewer into the courtroom, and bring justice into the living room of the French. It is the ambition of Justice … Read more

Claudia Tower of Fantasy: Weapon Blade Guren, Build, Matrices… How to play it?


Tower of Fantasy Weapons and Simulacrums: A Complete Guide to Each Character Claudia Tower of Fantasy: Weapon Blade Guren, Build, Matrices… How to play it? Posted 37 minutes ago By Zorg Here’s our complete guide to Claudia, an SSR simulacrum, and her weapon, the Guren Blade. You will find all the information to play it … Read more

‘Tower of Fantasy’: We fully explore this amazing and fun futuristic open world


On August 10 it reached the whole world ‘Tower of Fantasy‘ one of the video games that is showing the most projection this season. It is a free to play title based on the ‘free2play’ model developed by Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite. adopt a format of action role playing (ARPG), for PC … Read more

Tower Of Fantasy: 8 Best Female Outfits To Unlock In The Game


Although Tower of Fantasy is another gacha MMORPG, players can make a lot of customizations to their characters which makes it very appealing. Tower of Fantasy is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that provides players with unlockable outfits, further adding to the customization experience that has made the game so appealing to fans. … Read more