What technological tools does the restaurant use?

Photo credit: Depositphotos/gstockstudio Brizo Data yesterday published a study on the restaurant technology landscape. Title 2023 Restaurant Technology Landscapeit reveals the main players and the innovations they can bring to the North American sector. “Insights from Brizo Data show that technology adoption isn’t just about generating revenue or creating ‘futuristic’ ‘niche’ experiences,” Brizo Data co-founder … Read more

Alma Laprida is creating a futuristic sound with medieval tools

Alma Laprida at the Molten Plains Festival in Texas (Photo: Concepción Huerta / The Washington Post) In 2021, when Alma Laprida preparing to move from Buenos Aires to Bethesda, Maryland, packing was not easy. She gave away some furniture, asked her friends to keep her books, and sold a collection of synthesizers that she had … Read more

Global Orthopedic Surgical Power Tools Market Report 2022 Top Industry Research Analysis and Forecast 2029 by Type, Application, Region and History 2016


Global Orthopedic Surgical Power ToolsResearch Market Forecast 2022-2030 | *** The new and fashionable research on orthopedic surgical power toolsMarket 2022 is known to be an insightful analysis on great environment factors.Industry share, demand assessment, revenue sales, orthopedic surgical power toolsMarket size and meanwhile study the detailed estimate over the forecast period 2022 to 2030. … Read more