From chains to networks, what supply in times of crisis?

Conflicts, the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis are disrupting global supply chains. In this environment, companies need to do more to mitigate the risk of disruptions and are investing in technology to manage increasingly complex networks. The 5 factors that impact supply chains The World Economic Forum identifies 5 Factors Disrupting Supply Chains : … Read more

The Line: the 170 km long city, 33 times the size of New York | BuildingCuE


Anyone who lives in a big city is perfectly aware of the daily critical issues they have to face when going to work, having an aperitif downtown with friends or spending time at the mall. Hours spent in trafficendless rounds to look for parking and hordes of people at major sights are the order of … Read more

Qatar 2022 World Cup, when to play? Match dates, calendar and times

World Cup 2022 in Qatar, when to play? This is a more than legitimate question given that the dates of the football event par excellence have been distorted compared to past editions, just as for the times you will have to pay attention to the time zone difference with the Middle Eastern country. As is … Read more

8 concept cars that Volkswagen presented at different times

Through the years, the shipowner volkswagen has released a wide variety of concept cars that have paved the way for the future of automotive design, technology and performance. These dream machines are often produced to test an idea, vision and/or show off features that could one day hit the roads. Some of these innovative vehicles, … Read more

Here the 3 times that Lamborghini dazzled the cinema


The Italian house Lamborghini maintains a close relationship with the seventh art. Today we intend to review his three most memorable moments. Next, a history of cinema and automotive culture. July 15, 2022 10:36 a.m. With you, Lamborghini. The Italian house is an icon of automotive culture, its design lines, its sporting spirit and its … Read more

5 times Joaquin Phoenix | ICI.Radio


Child actor raised by nomadic parents and followers of a sect, Joaquin Phoenix was quick to establish himself in the landscape of world cinema as an actor ready for anything, especially to plunge into particularly unbalanced roles, first in the background, then quickly as the main performer. We selected five; a heartbreaking choice, which made … Read more

Art Deco and light, a celebration of modern times | Iluminet lighting magazine


The roaring twenties brought with them a stream of mechanically inspired lighting “design” with a futuristic spirit. Something that distinguished design and architecture in the first half of the 20th century was the search for practicality over aesthetics. Sometimes it was fulfilled, other times it was only used as a pretext to experiment. Human creativity … Read more