A la Blade Runner: Flying vehicle takes its first ride in Dubai

A Chinese company tested an electric flying taxi in dubai on October 10, offering a glimpse of the futuristic technology that someday might move users Through cities above the traffic. The XPeng X2developed by the aviation subsidiary of Guangzhou-based XPeng Inc, is one of dozens of flying car projects Worldwide. Only a few have been … Read more

Japanese fans vote for the video games they would like to see turned into anime and to the surprise of no one, Nintendo takes 5 of the 10 positions

It is never easy to adapt a video game to the big or small screen. Throughout the last decades we have seen good and bad films, although we must also highlight some orchestrated products such as TV series… and even in format anime. Netflix hit the nail on the head with the anime of castlevania … Read more

This Mercedes concept car takes a trip to the heart of Los Angeles


Seeing a concept car out of a car show is hardly common. Not with Mercedes-Benz, which organized a Vision AVTR tour in the heart of Los Angeles. Mercedes-Benz had already presented its latest concept car, the Vision AVTR, during the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, in 2020. The model then appeared particularly futuristic. Its … Read more

Sport Auto takes you to the BMW Welt, Museum and Classic, in Munich


Better late than never. Almost a quarter of a century of journalism and, shame on me, I had never been to the stronghold BMWin Munich. Knowing that the huge 3 and 4 Series assembly plants are located a few meters away, in the heart of the city, has something disturbing about it, accustomed as I … Read more

Dubai Metaverse Strategy Takes To Another Level: Crown Prince Is Enthusiastic


Last July, His Highness launched Dubai’s metaverse strategy, which aims to make the emirate one of the top ten metaverse economies in the world and a global center for the metaverse community. The strategy aims to build on the success of Dubai, which attracted more than 1,000 blockchain and metaverse companies. Now things are happening … Read more

FCAS takes off at last: European fighter of the future, drone swarms and combat cloud


FCAS. are the acronyms of Future Combat Air System, a complex project to develop a futuristic military system that includes a new generation fighter jet. The project is promoted by Spain, France and Germany and it implies a long process in which the latest technology plays a central role. This Friday an agreement was announced … Read more

Digital laboratories, immersive experiences and a ring where young speakers will also rise: BTO is back and takes tourism into the metaverse


Metatourism will be the keyword of the next edition of BTO – Be Travel Onlife, the reference event in Italy dedicated to the union between innovation and tourism. The appointment is at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 November: 100 events with some of the leading experts in the sector … Read more

Liège: Guillemins station, mythical work of the Ardent City, takes on colors

by Rino Gallo If it recently took on color thanks to the artist Daniel Buren, the Liège-Guillemins station is a mythical work that we owe to the genius of Santiago Calatrava. Back to its history. Liège-Guillemins station is one of the most emblematic symbols of the Ardent City. Created in 1863, it was renovated several … Read more

One Piece, the mysterious origin of Vegapunk’s wonders takes shape [SPOILER]


Chapter 1065 of one piece, whose spoilers have been populating the web for a few hours, is quite talking about itself. If in chapter 1064, released before last week’s hiatus, fans had shocking revelations and were able to witness interesting dynamics between the characters, in the new chapter of the manga by Eiichiro Oda things … Read more

The first Spanish air taxi takes off among the olive trees of Jaén


There are no neon lights, no skyscrapers with huge advertising screens, no long modern avenues. This is not Tokyo or New York or Hill Valley. No. This is Villacarrillo, a small town in Jaén. An inland area of ​​clean blue skies over a sea of ​​green and brown olive trees. A place where no one … Read more