This is the ‘Project Arrow’, the first electric SUV developed by Canada

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Suzuki eVX (2023): this compact SUV foreshadows the brand’s first electric model

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BYD presents the exclusive Yangwang U8, a futuristic electric SUV with +1000CV


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Canadian Project Arrow SUV unveiled at CES | Eco


Project Arrow | Photo: Project Arrow This concept is used to showcase the Canadian automotive industry, so it is not intended for production. The electric SUV is expected to have 550 horsepower and a range of 500 kilometers. The APMA says this vehicle uses components from 58 Canadian companies. The Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) … Read more

I SUV più attesi del 2023

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A startup reveals a stunning $180,000 electric SUV with supercar doors, pull


aehra is achieving what seemed impossible: surpassing large electric car manufacturers such as Tesla, lucid Y Porsche. To do this, this startup led by Hazim Nada has entered the business through the front door with a self-invented electric SUV. Aehra’s presentation was in Milan. A more than deliberate choice. The metropolis in Lombardy is Italy’s … Read more

Aehra: images of the first Italian electric SUV


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Even before revealing its name, Aehra’s electric SUV shows off its futuristic interior


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Hyundai Kona (2023): the new generation of the compact SUV is shown before its official release


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