When the “houses of the future” of the 50’s rot in the sun

It all starts with silence. The kind of calm that only heat, humidity and abandoned places can create. Ahead of us is an entrance where multiple pathways jut out to arched doorways. Behind, a tree-lined driveway leads to the sea. Except that instead of a great thoroughfare there is urban decay. Concrete barriers block access, … Read more

Lightyear 0: meet the first car that charges with the sun

Lightyear, the startup of Dutch origin, has finally revealed the final design of its Lightyear 0 model, which stands out for having some rather subtle changes compared to the prototype they previously presented, where it was known as Lightyear One. Before delving into its futuristic design language, it’s important to note that the bodywork is … Read more

The Sun of Châteauguay | A student from Martinique signs his first film


William Cardinal on camera during filming. (Photo: Oasis Short Film) University student in visual effects, William Cardinal presented his first film Oasis to the public on November 12 in Châteauguay. This self-financed science fiction medium-length film was greatly influenced by the social climate resulting from the pandemic. The one who is … Read more

VIDEOS| Borghi closes Venice 79 with ‘The Hanging Sun’


From our correspondent Lucrezia Leombruni LIDO DI VENICE – There are only a few hours left for the award ceremony of the 79th Venice Film Festival. To close the event is ‘The Hanging Sun – Midnight Sun’, debut film by photographer and now director Francesco Carrozzini. Based on the novel of the same name by … Read more

“Green sun, red alert: when Hollywood sounded the alarm”, on Arte: return to a premonitory film


“Green Sun” (1973), by Richard Fleischer. ZADIG PRODUCTIONS ARTE – MONDAY OCTOBER 10 AT 10.35 P.M. – DOCUMENTARY After man has exploited all the natural resources of the Earth, it finds itself without trees, streams, oceans or animals… A sort of open-air dump overcrowded with humans. Under a permanent scorching heat, they pile up in … Read more

Second Sun, the greenest boat of 2022 is made of recycled plastic and has an incredible design!


An increasingly clean and eco-sustainable navigability: here is Second Sun, the boat made of recycled plastic from the immense sail that wants to imitate the sun … A boat obviously, but also (and above all) something more! Something that goes beyond its own innovative design, beyond its own materials and essential and (literally) invisible aesthetics; … Read more

Because of the sun… and the absurdity of our world


There are playwrights whose standards are undeniable throughout their creation. This is the case of Evelyne de la Chenelière, whose play À cause du soleil will premiere in September at the Théâtre Denise-Pelletier, directed by Florent Siaud. We could summarize the narrative between two news items that took place more than eighty years apart and … Read more

2022 Global Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Market Analysis | Edens Garden, Sun Organic, Plant Therapy, Eucalyptus


The new fashion research on the global lemon eucalyptus oil market 2022 is known to be an insightful analysis on a wide range of factors, including Lemon Eucalyptus Oil industry share, demand valuation, revenue sales, oil market size, and more. Lemon Eucalyptus Oil and meanwhile detailed estimation studies during the forecast period 2022 to 2030. … Read more

NASA wants to use the Sun to see the surface of exoplanets!


You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Proxima b, the closest exoplanet to us! It is the only known planet to date orbiting Proxima Centauri, a star located in Alpha Centauri. This system is the closest to our Solar System, “only” 4,244 light-years from us. This July 29, 2022, the famous site ofEncyclopedia of extrasolar … Read more

We love solar cars, which are recharged parked in the sun, but is it the future of the electric car?


The idea that your electric car can be recharged while it is parked in the sun is, to say the least, suggestive. That it gain autonomy, that you can travel more kilometers, without the need to connect it to a recharging point. Free miles. Less dependence on a charging point and a private garage where … Read more