ChatGPT and the social network revolution

Meta, Twitter and Snap: this is how they deal with the GPT revolution Digital Economy Expansion, by Miriam Preto, p. 7 The big social networks do not want to stay out of the revolution of generative artificial intelligence, i.e. capable of creating content. In the last weeks, Half And Snaps have made official announcements in … Read more

Polisena (Italian Green): from the TV program to the association for the social promotion of sustainability

With Gianluigi Polisena, television producer of the Italian Green format broadcast on Rai Due, we talk about how the program will give life to the Italian Green Eccellenze Sostenibili association, a social promotion body for sustainability, and how fundamental the role of the media is today in dissemination of issues related to climate justice Let’s … Read more

“The whole truth about the Sanremo Festival”: the short film by Colapesce Di Martino drives social media crazy


Home » Show » “The whole truth about the Sanremo Festival”: the short film by Colapesce Di Martino drives social media crazy BOLOGNA – A system created by Artificial Intelligence capable of predict the winners of the Sanremo Festival until 2050 but also to take possession of the songwriters and replace them with piloted ‘robots’. … Read more

“In Xinjiang, Surveillance Is Truly Totalitarian”: Experts Warn Over Chinese Regime’s Massive Social Control


Security camera in Beijing (Reuters) The Xi Jinping regime seeks a new society designed around the power of digital surveillance. This is how the researchers sum it up Josh Chin Y liza linauthors of the new book “Surveillance State: Inside China’s Quest to Launch a New Era of Social Control,” in which they discuss how … Read more

A psycho comes to TikTok: why is the social network of generation Z obsessed with ‘American Psycho’?


Since the appearance of American Psychothe controversial novel published in 1991 by Bret Easton Ellis and, especially, after the premiere in 2000 of the film of the same title, directed by Mary Harron and with the protagonist in the skin of Christian baleIt seems that the character of Patrick Bateman has always been present, in … Read more

Un psicópata en TikTok: ¿por qué está la red social de la generación Z obsesionada con ‘American Psycho’?

Desde la aparición de American Psycho, la controvertida novela publicada en 1991 por Bret Easton Ellis y, especialmente, tras el estreno en 2000 de la película del mismo título, dirigida por Mary Harron y con el protagonista en la piel de Christian Bale, parece que el personaje de Patrick Bateman siempre ha estado presente, de … Read more

What is Mastodon, the social network that wants to replace Twitter?


On October 27, 2022, Elon Musk officially becomes Twitter boss. If the soap opera will have made a lot of ink, the realization of this buyout at 44 billion dollars does not only make people happy. Barely arrived, Elon Musk began the revolution he had been promising for months. After firing the company’s top executives, … Read more

Samuel Woolley: Political elites have figured out how to misinform on social media | Politics | News


By Sonia Yánez Blum (Twitter: @soniayanezblum) Remember that magical remedy that prevented the coronavirus? Or perhaps that audio that warned of a tsunami off the coast of Ecuador after an earthquake that assured that the cousin of someone who works in the navy was sure it was going to happen. Today, we are all exposed … Read more

Social and solidarity Christmas at Les Minguettes: “We were not able to welcome everyone”


Wednesday, December 21, the Vénissieux cultural solidarity association (VSC) organized a social and solidarity Christmas for the families of the Minguettes, in Vénissieux. A breath of fresh air for a precarious population marked by rising prices. Report. The party is in full swing, this Wednesday afternoon, in a hall of the holiday and family house, … Read more