The TULIP, the “most BEAUTIFUL SKYSCRAPER in the WORLD”, does not blossom (Rendering)

London Tulip Credits: @_driplife IG Set to revolutionize the London skyline. An incredible project: panoramic galleries, external and transparent vertical lifts, restaurants and bars, without any offices. The Foster + Partners studio has long hoped that the green light would turn on to make it happen. The stages of the story. The TULIP, the “MOST … Read more

Dubai projects a sustainable circular skyscraper

Dubai projects a sustainable circular skyscraper Would be called Downtown Circle and surround the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Architects in Dubai they proposed a conceptual design with a huge five-story circular structure, futuristic and sustainable. signature of experimental architecture ZNera Space raised this ambitious project that, according to the most famous … Read more