Journey to Silicon Valley, among the garages where PCs and smartphones were born

The greatness of technology it lies in its being”Human”. In fact, we are talking about human technologiesbecause the genius of humanity is hidden behind a hard disk. Perhaps the ideas were conceived between a spare tyre, car grease and a chaotic worktop sheltered by a garage. It also happened to great inventors like Steve Jobswhose … Read more

Alain Damasio talks about his immersion in Silicon Valley

French science fiction master Alain Damasio is completing a three-week residency at the Villa Albertine San Francisco. The author, who has sold over a million copies of his three novelstook advantage of the trip to draw inspiration from the places and develop his projects. “I came to get information about Silicon Valley and feel the … Read more

Gastronomía futurista: de las proteínas alternativas al restaurante robotizado y cómo se ve el futuro de la alimentación desde Silicon Valley, un resumen del Foro Internacional de Emprendedores 2022.


23 Mar 2022 Gastronomía futurista Proteínas alternativas que van del ‘plant-based’ a la carne vegetal o los insectos, restaurantes robotizados o robots como complementos para elevar la eficiencia del negocio, productos neutrales en carbono o elaborados con aparentes desechos para caminar hacia un objetivo ‘zero waste’, helados vegetales, ‘dumpling 2.0’, productores en busca de relevo … Read more

Global Silicon Nitride Thin Films Market Set to Grow Beyond Expectations by 2029 (to Help Companies)

The report on the Global Silicon Nitride Thin Films Market examines the market position and viewpoint of the market globally from various angles such as key player points, geological regions, product types and applications. In the Analysis and Estimation of the Silicon Nitride Thin Films Market for 2022-2029. This Silicon Nitride Thin Films report highlights … Read more