At Paris Fashion Week, 500 shades of gray, and more if you like

In six months, humanity will be divided into two camps: the beige addicts on one side, and the gray monomaniacs on the other. Unless they are the same people. This is, in essence, the verdict of Paris Fashion Week, which ended on Tuesday evening. A particularly conservative autumn-winter 2023 season. After the hubris of the … Read more

50 shades of musical theater at the Venice Biennale

For her second year as director of the Biennale Musique, the composer Lucia Ronchetti this year opened up a historical perspective based on Venetian places which, in their time, were associated with musical experimentation. Some of the Biennale Musique shows took place this year in unusual settings, such as the La Fenice theatre, the San … Read more

Goth style and its thousand shades of black


First relegated to a simple niche, today the gothic style is a trend highly appreciated by most people. The characteristics of this style are quite recognizable, even if the same trend is divided into different sub-categories, all very distinct and with a unique personality. In any case, we are talking about a very particular stylistic … Read more