Le nouveau RPG Mega Drive ‘Planet B’ promet une action roguelike

“Explorez un univers infini de dangers et de récompenses dans Planet B, le RPG Mega Drive ultime avec une action roguelike procédurale.” Introduction Le nouveau RPG Mega Drive ‘Planet B’ est un jeu qui promet une action roguelike procédurale. Ce jeu offre aux joueurs une expérience unique et passionnante, avec des niveaux générés de manière … Read more

Test – Mato Anomalies, an RPG with the false air of Persona 5

With its cel-shaded onions and a turn-based RPG, it does not take more to Mato Anomalies to get my attention. Skillful mix between visual-novel and RPG with a jagged scenario, Mato Anomalies stands as an experience to do if you liked games like Personas 5. Unfortunately, the software suffers from “too much emptiness”. Indeed, the … Read more

Soccer Story’s best feature is its RPG


soccer history appeared on multiple platforms, mixing the idea of ​​a soccer game with RPG and minigame elements. As the whimsical concept and designs suggest, it doesn’t take itself too seriously. (After all, you have a panda as team captain.) But while the soccer segments are capable enough, what really makes the game stand out … Read more

Unhappy Raccoon, the review of a roguelike action RPG “furry”


To put it mildly, you start not feeling the lack of roguelite-style RPGs anymore, but it must also be said that when you find one well done it is difficult not to get addicted. So often it is enough to get close to one of these, especially if well built, to re-enter the tunnel, as … Read more

Honkai: Star Rail, HoYoverse strategic RPG tried at Gamescom


The developer HoYoverseknown at the moment especially for Genshin Impact, a flagship title that continues to be played and explored by fans all over the world, fortunately has the opportunity to also develop further works, which, although similar to its current flagship title, present themselves with substantial differences. This is certainly the case in the … Read more

The dystopian RPG Mato Anomalies will be released in the 1st quarter of 2023 on all media including Nintendo Switch, a physical edition planned


Mato Anomalies is a RPG developed by Arrowiz Chinese and edited by PrimeMatter in which players take control of the detective doe and mysterious exorcist Gram in order to uncover the dark secrets behind Mato’s invasion (a neo-futuristic version of old Shanghai) by supernatural creatures. Mato is a sprawling metropolis that combines traditional and futuristic … Read more

Cyberpunk 2077: An exceptional promo for the futuristic RPG!


While a whole bunch of promotions are taking place in recent days, it’s the turn of the most acclaimed (and maligned) futuristic RPG of recent years to benefit from an exceptional discount. News that will delight those who have not had the opportunity to get their hands on the little gem signed CD Projekt Red: … Read more

I kill Anomalies. First impressions of this next RPG


A few days ago, the new proposal for Prime Matter Y Arrowiz. This Chinese studio founded by industry veterans, back in 2016, was initially created to focus on virtual reality projects, such as Beats Fever. But, after a couple of projects, they would change their focus to focus on more narrative-focused titles with the release … Read more

Is Starfield: No Man’s Sky (too) great a source of inspiration for the futuristic RPG?


Highly anticipated by many fans, Starfield was obviously the center of attention during the Xbox & Bethesda conference of the Summer Game Fest 2022. On stage, Todd Howard then took the opportunity to explain the very essence of Space exploration RPG but also show long minutes of new gameplay. It was time since we had … Read more