The girl and the cosmonaut review: a lackluster Netflix series

The girl and the cosmonaut (in original language, Dziewczyna the cosmonaut) is the new Polish television series, consisting of 6 episodes, which recently came on Netflix attracting a large audience, but proposing a decidedly poor and bare content. The realization, directed by Bartosz Prokopowicz (Szczescia chodza parami, Ultraviolet), with the screenplay by Agata Malesinska (summer … Read more

Insurance Press Review 24 March 2023

Selection of insurance news from national and international newspapers There are no layoffs on the horizon of the Insurtech giant, indeed investments in technology of over 30 million euros are planned. While the goal of reaching break-even at the end of the year and going public as soon as the uncertainties on the markets, between … Read more

65 Movie Review & Movie Synopsis (2023) | Pretty Reel


But the film from the writing-directing team of Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, whose credits include co-writing “A Quiet Place” with John Krasinski, offers an intriguing and contradictory premise. It is set 65 million years ago, but suggests that futuristic civilizations existed at the time on planets across the universe. In one, Driver plays the … Read more

Review: Ant


Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania United States, Australia, Canada, 2023Original Title: Ant-Man and the Wasp QuantumaniaDirector: Peyton ReedScreenplay: Jeff Loveness, based on Marvel charactersActors: Paul Rudd, Evangeline Lilly, Michael Douglas and Michelle PfeifferDistributor: The Walt Disney Company FranceGenre: FantasyDuration: 2h04Release date: February 15, 2023 3/5 It’s been a long time since we’ve been tempted by … Read more

The review of Jung_E, Kang Soo


Since 2016, with the release of his third feature film Train to Busan, the director Yeon Sang-ho has enjoyed overseas fame for its rare ability to approach Western genres through a South Korean filter. His latest film Jung_Eboasting Netflix’s mighty global distribution, is a bullet-riddled picture that strives to blend family drama with encroaching AI … Read more

JUNG_E, Review – Netflix’s South Korean “I, Robot”.


Exited on Netflix last January 22, JUNG_E is the new film by the Korean director Yeon Sang-hoformer director of the series Hell bound and one of the most successful zombie movies of the last twenty years, the popular Train to Busan (2016). The undisputed star of the film is the actress Kang Soo-yeonwho tragically passed … Read more

Extraordinary, the review: being extraordinary in a world of extraordinary people


After Wedding Season and David Beckham: Teams to Save, the new original British series from Disney+ takes us on a dip into a world where everyone at 18 acquires a superpower. All except the protagonist Jen, and this is the story of her life and her friends. There is something absolutely unique and hilarious which … Read more

Online releases: review of “Jung_E”, by Yeon Sang


In a future of warfare, an organization tries to create a perfect robot soldier using the brain of a comatose military heroine. From the director of “Zombie Station”, Netflix premieres on January 20. The beginning of JUNG_E it’s pretty tricky. Intelligent and original, but it suggests that we will see a movie very different from … Read more

IXION | Review (PC) | Space opera and city building


Ever since I can remember I’ve always wanted a video game that combines my love for science fiction with my passion for management games, an experience that, however, instead of dealing with the colonization of the planet on duty, was instead focused on interstellar travel to go and colonize extrasolar planets: journeys so long as … Read more

Twitch 2022 in Review: Germany’s Biggest Streamer Scandals


The year 2022 has been filled with nerve-wracking scandals on the German streaming scene. These 7 moments were particularly talked about on Twitch. Hamburg – A lot happened on Twitch and YouTube in 2022. Between many good times like donation campaigns and event streams, however, internet actors* also kept us in suspense with their scandals. … Read more