What technological tools does the restaurant use?

Photo credit: Depositphotos/gstockstudio Brizo Data yesterday published a study on the restaurant technology landscape. Title 2023 Restaurant Technology Landscapeit reveals the main players and the innovations they can bring to the North American sector. “Insights from Brizo Data show that technology adoption isn’t just about generating revenue or creating ‘futuristic’ ‘niche’ experiences,” Brizo Data co-founder … Read more

We enter the most beautiful small restaurant in the world: it is in Madrid and it is accessed through a dark passageway

There are many restaurants that have signed up to date, but this was the first time that Ala Zreigat and √ďscar Engroba, the two interior designers behind Astet Studio, faced such a small local. It happened at the beginning of 2021, when the group of Danny Garcia -for whom they have designed many of their … Read more

MAG56, the restaurant in Prato that loves oriental cuisine


TO Lawninside an old warehouse where furs were produced in the golden years of textiles, is the headquarters of the MAG56unconventional food & drink owned by the Sanesi family. The environment is very urban. Once inside, the American Bar with its illuminated red brick wall does not go unnoticed. The elegant and youthful atmosphere projects … Read more

Sale of NFT reservations, new restaurant business requested


ūüĒä Click to listen Highly sought after New York seafood restaurant give to me, in Greenwich Village, has put up for sale NFTs at the price of $1,000 with which to get a table reservation. A somewhat expensive way of being able to consume your oysters on the grill or, the star dish, fish with … Read more

Futuroscope 2022 : Station Cosmos, restaurant Space Loop, les nouveautés futuristes du parc


FUTUROSCOPE. Le parc d’attractions de Poitiers mise sur le futur avec une nouvelle attraction familiale, Chasseurs de Tornades, et un nouveau resort qui ravira les adeptes de science-fiction. Sommaire [Mis √† jour le 7¬†juillet¬†2022¬†√† 16h42] Le parc d’attractions de Poitiers n’en finit pas d’innover. Son dernier petit bijou n√©¬†au d√©but du mois de mai 2022 … Read more