Black Clover, Pluto, Ultraman…: Netflix announces the color of its upcoming anime releases in an explosive trailer! (Agenda 2023)

netflix took advantage of theJapanese Anime (which is taking place right now in Tokyo) to lift the veil on all the exciting animated programs that will punctuate our year. And if the platform streaming has already spoiled us well in this first quarter of 2023, it does not intend to stop there. Witness the exclusive … Read more

The best Italian videogame releases of 2022/2023

Italy has always been a land of great artistic, musical and culinary talent, but in recent years it has also revealed itself as a hotbed of high-quality video game development. Not only do we have consolidated companies such as Ubisoft Milano, Nacon Italia and Milestone, but also many other small and medium-sized companies that have … Read more

Caballero & JeanJass, Ashe 22, 8ruki & So La Lune: releases for the week of January 20


The beginning of the year is definitely quite busy. We take stock of the many releases of the week of January 20. Caballero & Jean Jass – High & Fine Herbs Volume 2 The series having ended this week, Caballero & JeanJass end this season 4 in style with volume 2 of the mixtape High … Read more

Online releases: review of “Jung_E”, by Yeon Sang


In a future of warfare, an organization tries to create a perfect robot soldier using the brain of a comatose military heroine. From the director of “Zombie Station”, Netflix premieres on January 20. The beginning of JUNG_E it’s pretty tricky. Intelligent and original, but it suggests that we will see a movie very different from … Read more

To see: DJ Pone releases a futuristic clip on the night and the party made with an AI


LFrench producer DJ Pone is back with a new single “Paradis”. The clip, produced by the artist Neb using artificial intelligence, explores the pleasures and failings of a disenchanted daily life punctuated by dance, party and night in a dystopian world. Former band member Birdy Nam Nammulti-titled in the DMC and ITF championships in the … Read more

Netflix: films, series, anime… Releases not to be missed in December 2022


news culture Netflix: films, series, anime… Releases not to be missed in December 2022 Published on 02/12/2022 at 12:00 In a few days, we will already be able to say goodbye to the year 2022. During the past twelve months, Netflix has never ceased to offer us new programs, whether films, series or cartoons, in … Read more

RAMMSTEIN releases futuristic video for “Adieu”

Rammstein (photo by Bryan Adams) The song says goodbye to his album “Zeit” The Industrial Metal Group RAMMSTEIN has filmed a video for “goodbye“, one of the songs from his latest album, “zeit”which went on sale on April 29, 2022. In the spectacular and futuristic music videothe musicians of the band, armed to the teeth, … Read more

All November 2022 game releases on Nintendo Switch


In this month of November Nintendo Switch will receive a total of 64 games, including reissues or pack releases, for the next 30 days. In addition, we will highlight the most important releases for the hybrid. The outstanding titles that will be released next month are some works that users have been waiting for months, … Read more

So, what are we watching tonight? (Selection Video Releases September 2022)


A few touches of yellow, a few touches of orange, the leaves announce autumn, the children are going back to school, while the parents rediscover the pleasure of a good hot chocolate. And while the lady leaves for the mushrooms, the gentleman cleans the raclette grill and the fondue pot, the future kings of winter … Read more