Qatar tells its rich history through modern art

The arrival of the 2022 World Cup has given Qatar momentum to launch a whole new arts and culture agenda, with museums being built and exhibitions springing up all over the country. Everything is placed under the banner “Qatar Creates”which clearly sets out the country’s intention: to consolidate its role as a cultural center in … Read more

Qatar World Cup 2022: a futuristic Doha prepares for the opening ceremony


Shakira at the closing ceremony of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa – Credits: @Mike Egerton – EMPICS DOHA (Special envoys).- The sun falls over the bay of Doha. The lights of the West Bay of the capital of Qatar begin to light up and offer a science fiction scene: enormous illuminated skyscrapers, flashing … Read more

Rating: not even the Qatar 2022 World Cup can with Big Brother


The victim of Big Brother is Marcelo Tinelli, who is in Qatar, while his recorded programs lose Costa Rica to Spain For iProfessional 11/25/2022 – 07:43 a.m. Big Brother It is the only Buenos Aires open TV program that did not lose rating with the arrival of the Qatar 2022 Men’s Soccer World Cup. However, … Read more

Most Viewed | The Simpsons do not fail: four predictions that “came true” in Qatar 2022


This article was published in Yahoo in Spanish in November 2022 when the story went viral on social media. We show it back to our users because it was among the most viewed and commented on our site all year. The Qatar 2022 World Cup has already started and users found similarities with The Simpsons … Read more

Qatar, beyond the World Cup: ancient ports, large forts and mysterious petroglyphs


Center of the planet for a month, during the World Cup, Qatar is making a lot of noise not only for the sporting event, but also for all the controversies raised around it. But where is the Qatar? How long has it been inhabited? Is it really a nation with no history, made up of … Read more

This is how Qatar has changed in the last 50 years: from desert without people to futuristic cities


This is how Qatar has changed: from desert to futuristic cities 1:04 (CNN Spanish) — The futuristic city of Doha, the capital of Qatar, lies on the shores of the Persian Gulf and stretches out to the east of the desert peninsula, projecting the image of a forest of tall, modern skyscrapers and cutting-edge technology. … Read more

Ecology: after the World Cup in Qatar, sport is still just as unsustainable


Artificial snow from a ski jump on the background of a steel complex. Air-conditioned stadiums in the middle of the desert. From one image to another, from January to December, from Beijing to Doha, beginning with the Winter Olympics and ending with the Football World Cup, the year 2022 was that of ecological aberrations. Between … Read more