Near Montpelier. Lattes: last public meeting on the Maera extension project

By Jean-Marc Aubert Published on 30 Mar 23 at 11:35 Metropolitan See my news Follow this media Aerial view of the Maera wastewater treatment plant in Lattes (© Montpellier 3m) The extension of the Maera wastewater treatment plantat the southern gates of Montpelier, is looming for 2032. As a continuation of the modernization works of … Read more

The world’s first positive energy impact residential fund acquires the Elithis tower project in Mulhouse

( — The Catella-Elithis Positive Energy Fund (CEEPF), the world’s first real estate investment vehicle to focus exclusively on residential programs that produce more renewable energy than the electricity consumed by buildings and tenants, has acquired a program of 64 apartments in Mulhouse, which will be developed by its partner Elithis Groupe, the French sustainable … Read more

IN IMAGES, IN PICTURES. In Saudi Arabia, The Line, the futuristic and controversial city of the Neom project, is already visible from the sky


In the north-west of the country, this Dantesque construction site is accompanied by as many promises as doubts. Satellite images make it possible to follow the very real progress of the work. You have to imagine a city built in the middle of the desert. Everything you need is within a five minute walk. To … Read more

This is the ‘Project Arrow’, the first electric SUV developed by Canada


The 15 sports SUVs that finally live up to their name The 15 best-selling electric cars in Europe The rise of the electric car has encouraged many countries without automobile tradition prior to embarking on the adventure of having their own brands and models. This is how we have seen it in recent months, for … Read more

Canadian Project Arrow SUV unveiled at CES | Eco


Project Arrow | Photo: Project Arrow This concept is used to showcase the Canadian automotive industry, so it is not intended for production. The electric SUV is expected to have 550 horsepower and a range of 500 kilometers. The APMA says this vehicle uses components from 58 Canadian companies. The Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association (APMA) … Read more

Downtown Circle: the pharaonic project that would turn Dubai is a futuristic setting


Downtown Circle In Dubai, a renowned architecture firm proposed a conceptual design of a huge circular five-story structure that would surround the world’s tallest skyscraper, the Burj Khalifawith a height of 829.8 meters, almost double that of the Empire State Building. The project, known as Downtown Circlejoins “community, luxury and futuristic urban planning” in a … Read more

Israel involved in the gigantic ($500 billion) Saudi project, Neom.


Tomorrow on Radio J live. 7:05 a.m. On Ilana Ferhadian’s show. Chronicle of Daniel Rouach. With Bibi Netanyahu in power, there is more and more talk of a normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia. A project is likely to serve as a focal point for Israel-Saudi cooperation. This is “Neom”, a huge urban … Read more

VIDEO. Discover “The Line”, the crazy Saudi project of a megalopolis contained in a 170 km long wall


the essential No, this is not the trailer for a science fiction film, but the future city that could see the light of day in Saudi Arabia. The pharaonic construction site would require hundreds of billions of dollars. Saudi Arabia’s futuristic NEOM megacity will stretch 170 kilometers and house two massive mirror-covered skyscrapers, according to … Read more

“The Line”: the crazy project of a city in a straight line for the futuristic megalopolis of Saudi Arabia


Called “The Line”, the two huge parallel skyscrapers 500 meters high will form the center of the city on the Red Sea. Saudi Arabia’s futuristic Neom megacity will stretch 170 kilometers and house two massive skyscrapers covered in mirrors, according to latest plans unveiled at the end of July by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, … Read more

“There will be total independence in the political project”, General Fernando Murillo and his aspiration to the Mayor’s Office | The new day

In dialogue with EL NUEVO DÍA, Fernando Murillo Orrego, retired Major General and former national director of the Dijin, spoke about his aspiration to become Mayor of Ibagué, a fact that has been projected since the beginning of November. Since the ‘shake’ that occurred within the National Police with the arrival of the Petro government, … Read more