“Hunger Games”, “Brazil”…: the Espaces d’Abraxas, once popular with cinema, are now stricken

When they were designed by the Spanish star architect Ricardo Bofill, the Abraxas were intended as a break with the soulless HLM bars of large housing estates. “It was a time of utopian ideology,” says Yann Minh, a 65-year-old artist who has lived in the Theater building since 2017. “The discourse of the time was … Read more

Petro: “The most popular thing in Colombia” is fond of General Rojas Pinilla

Bogota, 23 Dec. Colombian President Gustavo Petro assured this Friday that “the most popular of Colombia” fondly remembers General Gustavo Rojas Pinilla (1900-1975), the only de facto ruler Colombia had in the 20th century. This was expressed by the head of state during a Christmas greeting to the soldiers of the Tolemaida Military Fort, the … Read more

The popular anime Cyberpunk: Edgerunners will not have a second season


The popular Japanese medium Famitsu conducted an interview with Satoru Onmaanime producer Cyberpunk: EdgerunnerY Hiroyuki Imaishiproject manager of the studies trigger. The interview asked for several details of the production, such as its beginnings and content decisions, but one question in particular was the one that drew attention in forums and social networks. It should … Read more

Luz María: Who are the actors of the popular YouTube channel?


Luz Maria “He threw her into the pool, without knowing that she was his boss”this is one of the titles that we can find related to a YouTube channel that follows in the footsteps of Conexión TV, a platform that achieved international fame since its first publication in 2011. Those who are familiar with social … Read more

Flippy 2, the robot that cooks French fries is popular in American kitchens: “it’s faster than humans” | Nerd League


The Flippy 2 robot is used in more and more American kitchens. It is faster and more efficient than humans. “He’s even happier,” says the man who sells it. Has a mechanical arm able to cook very different dishes simultaneously, but his specialty is french fries. The robot Flippy 2 it is used in more … Read more

What are the online arcade games that may become popular in the future?

Home News What are the online arcade games that may become popular in the future? By Editorial Staff – 09/26/2022 The world of gambling began to develop rapidly since the invention of the internet. There are many casinos that can be used simply from a computer or mobile phone, without leaving the house. When was … Read more

Cuba en Referendo popular por el Código de las Familias (Cobertura especial) • Trabajadores


Votar por el presente y futuro de todas las familias A las 7:00 am de este domingo 25 dio inicio en Cuba el ya histórico Referendo popular por el Código de las Familias, al que están convocados unos ocho millones de ciudadanos quienes protagonizarán un ejercicio democrático sin precedentes en la historia constitucional de este … Read more

When ethical does not mean healthy: the Vegan Junk Food Bar is very popular


The renowned restaurant Vegan Junk Food Bar opened its largest restaurant following a significant increase in demand.The chain first joined the growing number of vegan restaurants in Amsterdam when it launched in 2017. Thanks to its particularly “Instagrammable” style, it quickly went viral and led to the opening of more branches in Amsterdam. This phenomenon … Read more

How Lightyear is inspired by popular sci


The Toy Story film franchise has been synonymous with Pixar productions since the first film was released in 1995. The original film introduced audiences to a quirky collection of talkative toys donated by an impressive cast of actors and comedians. However, perhaps no movie character is more beloved than Buzz Lightyear, an intergalactic ranger in … Read more