Journey to Silicon Valley, among the garages where PCs and smartphones were born

The greatness of technology it lies in its being”Human”. In fact, we are talking about human technologiesbecause the genius of humanity is hidden behind a hard disk. Perhaps the ideas were conceived between a spare tyre, car grease and a chaotic worktop sheltered by a garage. It also happened to great inventors like Steve Jobswhose … Read more

What do Dell PCs offer for gaming fans? | gamer style

Dell Mexico computers are among the best we can get today. Its different models meet the high demands that this type of technology needs to have today, something that increases when it comes to the gamer world. In this sector, users are a specialized audience with specific demands, a scenario where the dell laptop computers, … Read more

Black Friday 2022: even with an RTX 4090, these fixed gaming PCs are already on sale!


Black Friday is an opportunity to discover maddening prices. At the moment, PC gamers are on the rise given the fall in prices of various electronic components. If you want to discover all the new releases like Marvel’s Spiderman Miles Morales or Overwatch 2 in good conditions, this is the right time to take advantage … Read more