From chains to networks, what supply in times of crisis?

Conflicts, the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis are disrupting global supply chains. In this environment, companies need to do more to mitigate the risk of disruptions and are investing in technology to manage increasingly complex networks. The 5 factors that impact supply chains The World Economic Forum identifies 5 Factors Disrupting Supply Chains : … Read more

Why is everyone uploading their ‘magic avatar’ to Instagram and how can you do it too? | Social Networks | Entertainment

Has the colorful digitized face of one of your acquaintances appeared in your feed from instagram? Since the beginning of December many users on social networks have begun to experiment with some artificial intelligence applications that can replicate your physical features as a portrait, which has quickly become a digital trend. The Lensa application is … Read more

These young Protestants who want to engage in new networks of influence


Instead of the gentrified decor of the Interallié lounges, a stone’s throw from the Élysée, this year the futuristic setting of Station F (Paris 13th), the French-style “Silicon Valley” that has become the biggest incubator for start-ups, was preferred. up to the world. A highly symbolic place to mark the ambition of french protestants to … Read more

Water networks: an appeal to foresight


Summer 2022, when you open any newspaper, articles about thewater emergency in our country. Unfortunately, it is sad to underline how much this “emergency” has been repeating itself for several years and that, therefore, more than an emergency it is a matter of chronic problem which only gets worse every year thanks to climate change. … Read more

The extraordinary story of Zenly, French champion of social networks cut short in its tracks


By cutting into its workforce to compensate for its financial difficulties, Snap made a victim: the French social network Zenly, which it had bought for 300 million dollars in 2017. All of the more than 70 employees in charge of the application , based in Paris, are dismissed. The app is expected to disappear from … Read more

Attention influencers because competition has come to them: the new celebrities on networks will be virtual | Clinic


It was predicted by science fiction literature, futuristic movies and, of course, Japanese holograms: one day robots and their technology were going to compete with us. And now, in some things, they can already surpass us. It is now the turn of the “customized” influencers, who develop their work -and at the same time their … Read more

Heterogeneous Networks Market Future Prospects Industry Growth Statistics


The Report a beehive To research has added a new statistical market report to its repository titled Heterogeneous Networks Market. It provides an overview of the industry with market growth analysis with historical and futuristic perspective for the following parameters; cost, revenue, demand and supply data (if applicable). Moreover, the report also sheds light on … Read more