Our opinion on Hello Tomorrow, a new Apple TV+ series that aims for the moon but misses its landing

There is no shortage of good series on AppleTV+. Of For All Mankind To Ted Lasso Passing by The Morning Show And Severancethe streaming platform knows the magic formula to offer content quality to its subscribers. But sometimes it also throws smoke in our eyes. This is the case with Hello Tomorrow!a new series with … Read more

BioPods, the inflatable capsules to grow food for the first inhabitants of the Moon


With the success of the first Artemis mission still recent, the future NASA plans to create habitats on the Moon and then on Mars resonate more strongly. The space agency has yet to decide what construction method used to raise houses on the moon, but facilities are also needed to grow food like the ones … Read more

Artificial moon, flying taxis… What we know about NEOM, the futuristic city in Saudi Arabia


The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia plans to build a futuristic megalopolis including a ski resort in the middle of the desert. Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, presented his huge new project, a gigantic futuristic city worth more than 500 billion dollars located in the northwest of the kingdom. A disproportionate project. … Read more

Sanremo, the Las Vegas of Europe? Also a second launch base for the Moon?


From 24 hours to San Remo nothing else is said. The news is one that causes discussion. To find out more we went to the source. President Walter Lagorio it is true that he sold the shares of his dream, the restructuring and tourist relaunch of the old Matuzian port, the “Port of Sanremo srl“, … Read more

Moon, stars and galaxies, fashion inspired by space


The success of the Apollo 11 mission, astrology and the fascination of the unknown, the unattainable beauty of the stars, are just some of the aspects of space and the solar system that have fascinated and influenced the culture of the last century. From Pierre Cardin and Paco Rabanne to Iris Van Harpen and Chanel, … Read more