Orientation: the professions of the future linked to Artificial Intelligence | Studenti.it

The professions of the future related to artificial intelligence What are the professions of the future related to artificial intelligence? — Source: getty-images We have often talked about artificial intelligence and the possible implications of using text generation software like ChatGPT. It is no coincidence: it is in fact estimated that 85% of the professions … Read more

2022 seen by Bruno Colmant and François Gemenne: “We realized this year that ecology and economy were deeply linked”

Twelve schizophrenic months for François Gemenne. A decisive moment for Bruno Colmant. The economist and the climate expert cross their eyes on the past year. Bruno Colmant is an economist and member of the Royal Academy. François Gemenne is a climatologist and migration expert. © JC Guillaume They had never met. The economist Bruno Colmant, … Read more

The ‘destiny’ of humanity, linked to the ecosystem


It may be that ‘destiny’ is already reaching us, because reality is very stubborn and insists on overcoming fiction and we are already in 2022. In ‘When fate reaches us‘ (‘Soylent Grenn’, American dystopian science fiction film released in 1973), human beings ate cookies: soylent of various colors, they were the only source of food, … Read more