Special reading (3): the highlights of French Language Week

From March 18 to 26, hundreds of events are organized around the world as part of the French Language and Francophonie Week. Dictations, colloquia, fairs, improv matches… all forms have been chosen to celebrate the French language. Are you more video game or dictation? On the way for a futuristic expedition in the company of … Read more

Cristina Pedroche leaves the ‘language’ giving clues about her dress from the Chimes: “Transparencies are back”

Famous Christmases · Cristina Pedroche For the seventh consecutive year and, once again, together with Alberto Chicote, Cristina Pedroche will give the Antena 3 Chimes again and has advanced numerous details of what the dress with which she promises to make an impact will be like. It is one of the most … Read more

10 Christmas Movies That Are In A Language Other Than English

If Christmas is not celebrated in the same way everywhere in the world, it is not a celebration reserved for Western and / or English-speaking countries. And while a group of people may not choose to celebrate Christmas specifically, they may mark the last days of the year as something to be celebrated in the … Read more

Julián Génisson: “I wanted to translate the language of the Internet into a film”


Julian Genisson. Photo: Walden Books Julian Genisson He is an actor, director and writer. Member of the audiovisual collective abandoned dog trackco-directed Bruce Lee’s grave (2013). Also, he developed joint projects in That sensation (2016) or help the human eye (2017). His interpretive facet is shown in these titles and in Berserker (2015, Pablo Hernando), … Read more

Passatempo Libras: Nestlé invents cookies to learn the alphabet in Sign Language


While there was recently talk of studying Sign Language in secondary education in France, the inclusion of people who are hard of hearing or deaf is a matter of concern for many people. Whether we are ourselves (or someone close to us) affected by a hearing loss, or whether we just want to be able … Read more

Body language is transformed into art: shows, performances and talks at the Castromediano


The third edition of Tempora / Contemporathe international focus on body language in the performing arts. The program it provides is intense shows, performance And talk who will speak a futuristic language, with the aim of exploring and discovering all the instances of change that the arts are able to interpret, trying to imagine new … Read more