The review of Jung_E, Kang Soo

Since 2016, with the release of his third feature film Train to Busan, the director Yeon Sang-ho has enjoyed overseas fame for its rare ability to approach Western genres through a South Korean filter. His latest film Jung_Eboasting Netflix’s mighty global distribution, is a bullet-riddled picture that strives to blend family drama with encroaching AI … Read more

JUNG_E, Review – Netflix’s South Korean “I, Robot”.


Exited on Netflix last January 22, JUNG_E is the new film by the Korean director Yeon Sang-hoformer director of the series Hell bound and one of the most successful zombie movies of the last twenty years, the popular Train to Busan (2016). The undisputed star of the film is the actress Kang Soo-yeonwho tragically passed … Read more

Online releases: review of “Jung_E”, by Yeon Sang


In a future of warfare, an organization tries to create a perfect robot soldier using the brain of a comatose military heroine. From the director of “Zombie Station”, Netflix premieres on January 20. The beginning of JUNG_E it’s pretty tricky. Intelligent and original, but it suggests that we will see a movie very different from … Read more