Juan Carlos “Peto” Simón: “we cried with joy, the feeling was unique”

-What was the game you suffered the most? The Final, it’s crazy how the game turned out, it was tremendous. In no previous World Cup was such an emotional definition seen. With the Netherlands we suffered a lot, because they tied us in the last minutes of extra time. -The celebrations of the Argentine partiality … Read more

The futuristic sound of Juan García Esquivel in M ​​Jazz

His innovative sound can be seen in TV series such as The Flintstones, Better Call Saul and the Mexican Odisea Burbujas. Mexico City.- The sound that you can follow with your eyes, this is how they described the music of the Mexican composer Juan García Esquivel. Born in Tampico, Tamaulipas, in 1918, Esquivel, as he … Read more

The cyborg 1Z4K debuts as an actor in La hora de todos, by Juan José Arreola


The work Everyone’s time by Juan José Arreola, will star “an autonomous artificial intelligence entity” or cyborg, known as 1Z4K, which will also control other elements such as the mapping, the micromapping, the Live Cinema and surround sound in high resolution, all generated live, during each performance. The montage, in which a cybernetic actor is … Read more

Juan Ignacio Aranda seeks to be the leader of the actors


Juan Ignacio Aranda contends for the general secretary of the National Association of Actors (ANDA). He brings as amulets former leaders of the actors, such as his father Ignacio López Tarso, Humberto Elizondo, Silvia Pinal and the Yucatecan artist Juan Imperio, who support his nomination. The actor summons the union to vote in person from … Read more

Architect Juan Carlos Antón (Majadahonda) finalist in Marbella


Juan Carlos Antón Fernández, an architect from Majadahonda (Madrid), whose studio is located at Calle Pinos 51, obtained a total of 32 points MANU RAMOS. The architect of Majadahonda, Juan Carlos Anton Fernandez(«Viridis Nostrum«), has been a finalist in the competition for the construction of the Marbella Stadium, as reported by the newspaper Marbella 24 … Read more

Passion of Gavilanes: Juan Alfonso Baptista, Michel Brown and Ana Lucía Domínguez were delighted with Machu Picchu


Actors from Pasión de Gavilanes visited the citadel of Machu Picchu. (Photo: Instagram) A few days ago the actors Juan Alfonso Baptista, Michael Brown Y Ana Lucia Dominguezwho play the Reyes brothers in the series Passion of Hawks, came to Peru for tourist purposes. They made known of their visit to Inca lands through their … Read more

A trans Shakespeare and an African Don Juan: the theater also becomes ‘woke’


The two totems of the Spanish theatrical summer, the festivals of Almagro and Mérida, have just started with attractive paths as well as controversial programming. The Spanish Golden Age and the Greco-Latin classics are, respectively, the heart of these two exhibitions, which are held every year (when there is no pandemic) in the Corral de … Read more