Juan Carlos “Peto” Simón: “we cried with joy, the feeling was unique”

-What was the game you suffered the most? The Final, it’s crazy how the game turned out, it was tremendous. In no previous World Cup was such an emotional definition seen. With the Netherlands we suffered a lot, because they tied us in the last minutes of extra time. -The celebrations of the Argentine partiality … Read more

Laura Samani, winner of the Efa: “I owe everything to the sisterhood. And now a film starting from Joy Division”

The first message to the press Laura Samani delivered it with a vocal from the futuristic bathroom of Harpa, Auditorium in the heart of Reykjavik which hosted the European film awards ceremony. “I am very proud of this award, unexpected and incredible. And now I’m back to hearing Bjork, because the most beautiful celebration is … Read more