Journey to Silicon Valley, among the garages where PCs and smartphones were born

The greatness of technology it lies in its being”Human”. In fact, we are talking about human technologiesbecause the genius of humanity is hidden behind a hard disk. Perhaps the ideas were conceived between a spare tyre, car grease and a chaotic worktop sheltered by a garage. It also happened to great inventors like Steve Jobswhose … Read more

A journey through the world’s casinos with striking architecture and design: from the Stratosphere, in Las Vegas to the Odysseus in Murcia

Casinos are places with a special charm and COOL magazine wanted to make a selection of the most surprising in the world. The great architects also build imposing buildings that embrace the world of roulette, cards and table games. This is how the selection of the best designs in casinos in the world begins COO … Read more

A journey to discover the thousand faces of Malta


Article taken from the December 2022 issue of Forbes Italia. Subscribe! TO Valletta they call them city breakers. It is the foreign tourists who, considering Malta’s convenient location, a destination that can be reached in a few hours by plane from countries such as Italy, France, Germany and England, choose the island capital as a … Read more

A journey to ancient Egypt through the Metaverse


King Tutankhamen returns to Egypt in virtuality to show Egyptian beauty, culture and symbolic places. Cube Consultants, an architecture studio based in the Egyptian capital, was commissioned to design the presentation in the virtual world On December 21, the third phase of Metatut was inaugurated, the first Egyptian city to enter the Metaverse. Days before, … Read more

Kinamun is an electronic and luminous journey through the Buenos Aires night


The trajectory of Joaquin Perez it is rather heterogeneous. The musician from Buenos Aires began playing the guitar and singing in alternative rock and grunge bands, then moved to Boston where he obtained a scholarship to study music production and focused on the production of electronic and pop music. There he began working as a … Read more

Sony Dates Aurora’s Journey and the Pitiful Lackey on PC and Playstation


Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain has announced that Aurora’s Journey and the Pitiful Lackey It will arrive on PlayStation and PC consoles on January 13, 2023. An original side-scrolling, shooter, and platforming adventure developed by Ibiza-based indie studio The Not So Great Team, the game is now available to wishlist on both PS Store like in … Read more

Festival of Lights 2022: an enchanted journey to Moret


By Cécile D. Published on December 6, 2022 at 1:34 p.m. The town of Moret-sur-Loing, in Seine-et-Marne, invites us to take part in a magical journey, with a festival of lights open free to all, on Saturday December 10, 2022. To Paris, them illuminations and there is no shortage of illuminated walks. But you don’t … Read more

The journey towards Lancia Design Day: the “brutal” design of Stratos, Eally 037 and Delta


Stratos, Rally 037 and Delta, three “beasts” racing, created to win and with a perfect relationship between primary geometric shapes, at the service of maximum performance. The round taillights, the aerodynamic spoiler and the eclectic combination of primary colors in the cabin made the Lancia Stratos in a model with a futuristic design, which is … Read more

Joyvio Blueberry, the first metaverse of a fruit brand, which embarks on a new journey to the future


By Joy Wing Mau Joyvio Blueberry Metaverse Land for Bright Eyes, ranks as the first metaverse of a fruit brand in the world and was officially launched on October 20, 2022. The spectacular digital world developed by Joyvio Blueberry of Joy Wing Mau Group caused such a sensation in the social media platforms that more … Read more