Eve II, the Italian

A team of student architects engaged in the Master’s in Yacht Design at the Milan Polytechnic has created a revolutionary 70-foot sailing cabin cruiser that stands out for its futuristic look, sporty soul and “green” vocation. Nautical design is always evolving and sometimes the best ideas are born right in the universities where the future … Read more

The best Italian videogame releases of 2022/2023

Italy has always been a land of great artistic, musical and culinary talent, but in recent years it has also revealed itself as a hotbed of high-quality video game development. Not only do we have consolidated companies such as Ubisoft Milano, Nacon Italia and Milestone, but also many other small and medium-sized companies that have … Read more

Louis Vuitton. A princely Italian island for the May show


Palazzo Borromeo, Isola Bella, details_ph. Frances de Paolis Enchanted by the baroque magnificence of the place and the sweetness of the surrounding nature, the artistic director of Louis Vuitton, Nicolas Guirlesque, chooses Isola Bella for the 2024 Cruise Collection show Isola Bella, the flagship of Lake Maggiore, was modeled in the seventeenth century in the … Read more



Doney This article is available in: In recent years it has been rediscovered desire to furnish the house with objects from the 60s. After the war, during the economic boom, it would have been unthinkable to hold at home a piece of solid wood furniture or a showcase of manufacturing handcrafted, perhaps belonged to some … Read more

Polisena (Italian Green): from the TV program to the association for the social promotion of sustainability


With Gianluigi Polisena, television producer of the Italian Green format broadcast on Rai Due, we talk about how the program will give life to the Italian Green Eccellenze Sostenibili association, a social promotion body for sustainability, and how fundamental the role of the media is today in dissemination of issues related to climate justice Let’s … Read more

The first Italian factory of Biometric Avatars is born


The first Italian factory that creates avatars, complete digital twins of our organism, was born in Rome from the Olitec laboratory directed by Massimiliano Nicolini, already a member of the metaverse standard forum and one of the best known international experts on the subject. Today we will be able to have our digital twin built … Read more

Aehra: images of the first Italian electric SUV


Changing the rules of the game, reinventing it: the year zero of the electric and automotive sector started with AEHRA: the global startup with an Italian heart created to offer a radical change in the production of high-end electric vehicles. Its first model has been unveiled in a world preview. Not just a revolution in … Read more

Marcello Gandini the father of Supercars, 3 iconic models designed by the Italian genius…


Marcello Gandini, a name a guarantee. We are perhaps talking about the most important automotive designer in the sector, as well as the true father of super modern cars. Let’s discover 3 iconic models designed by the Italian genius… Marcello GandiniTurinese by birth (like theItalian motoring after all), born in 1938, profession: designer. Designer yes, … Read more

Italian Gen Z, more than half play video games online


Life is a game is the title of a new Italian talk show dedicated to video games, online from today on the Samsung Electronics YouTube channel, in which exponents of the gaming world, including Dario Moccia, a popular streamer, and Metaverse expert Lorenzo Cappannari , CEO and Co-Founder of AnotheReality, discussed starting from the data … Read more