Orientation: the professions of the future linked to Artificial Intelligence | Studenti.it

The professions of the future related to artificial intelligence What are the professions of the future related to artificial intelligence? — Source: getty-images We have often talked about artificial intelligence and the possible implications of using text generation software like ChatGPT. It is no coincidence: it is in fact estimated that 85% of the professions … Read more

The first manga drawn by an Artificial Intelligence advances the future of Japanese art

The leap in AI and machine learning that we have seen in just a few months is incredible. Although these technologies already have years behind them, it has not been until now that they have been available to the public; now anyone can use one AI for graphic creation and text. [Prisma AI, la inaudita … Read more

6 movies and series about Artificial Intelligence that will scare you

The Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in multiple aspects of the daily lifeAlthough sometimes we are not fully aware of it. Precisely to be more aware, you must first be clear that it is the artificial intelligencewhich we can summarize as intelligent machines or programs, that is, they are programmed to carry out certain tasks … Read more

This will be Gandia in 2070 according to Artificial Intelligence


Politics, society, gastronomy and even meteorology evolve but, above all, technology. According to the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) technology is the «Set of theories and techniques that allow the practical use of scientific knowledge». According to historians, technology arose approximately 2.5 million years ago, in the Paleolithic Period when primitive man began to collect natural … Read more

The futuristic CaixaForum in Valencia will take off with pharaohs, art and artificial intelligence


An operator under the space of The Cloud of the new CaixaForum, which is being completed inside the Agora of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències.Monica Torres (EL PAÍS) The last hand is still missing, completing the works, but it already presents a resounding and surprising appearance. It looks like a sci-fi space … Read more

This is the anime version of Harry Potter created by an artificial intelligence

Since JK Rowling wrote the story and decided to publish it in different bookstores, Harry Potter It became a worldwide phenomenon. Its popularity increased with the arrival of its film adaptation, which starred Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. Since then, millions of people have been enchanted by wizardry and by the iconic Hogwarts … Read more

Business leaders, multiply your intelligence!


What makes you accumulate years of experience in the fastest way possible? What brings you a different and, potentially, richer look? What makes you gain neurons without resorting to any futuristic surgery? A human of course! Obviously, not just anyone, a human who knows your work, your issues and knows what he and you are … Read more

Chat GPT is here, the artificial intelligence that will change education (and many other things)


For the majority of citizens artificial intelligence It is still a distant, futuristic concept that we associate with science fiction movies and robots with humanoid form. But artificial intelligence (AI) has long since is part of our day (for example, in the femail spam filter or in that chat to which the airlines send you … Read more

‘Raised by Wolves’, a futuristic epic about artificial intelligence and religion


Maria Estevez The Angels Updated:02/11/2022 00:37h Keep Related news The second season of ‘Raised by Wolves’ (‘Raised by Wolves’), science fiction produced by Ridley Scott for HBO Max. Presented as a series about the relationship between man and artificial intelligence, the argument comes to question the origin of life. It narrates the lives of the … Read more

Craft, Notion, Todoist… Artificial Intelligence comes to productivity applications


For years, Artificial Intelligence has been oriented even from its own precursors as something more futuristic than current, often without too many tangible approaches in the day-to-day life of the end user. It has had and has business uses, but they were blurred for the ordinary citizen. This year, the tables have turned. The arrival … Read more