When the “houses of the future” of the 50’s rot in the sun

It all starts with silence. The kind of calm that only heat, humidity and abandoned places can create. Ahead of us is an entrance where multiple pathways jut out to arched doorways. Behind, a tree-lined driveway leads to the sea. Except that instead of a great thoroughfare there is urban decay. Concrete barriers block access, … Read more

Would you live in a “Binishell”, these bubble houses that Hollywood loves?

Hollywood stars have an appetite for homes with a particular aesthetic. Robert Downey Jr. is one of them. The American actor had a Binishell built on his property in Malibu, Los Angeles County. This concrete veil house is not just an architectural oddity: it could be an alternative to today’s energy-guzzling buildings. The Binishell of … Read more

Why do fashion houses and brands love itinerant and international fashion shows?


Jacquemus brought us in the salt marshes of the Camargue, Gucci among the remains of Roman necropolis of Arles, Miu Miu on the snowy peaks of Dolomites, Celine in Los Angeles, Chanel in Dakar, and we could go on like this, with a very, very long list. Increasingly, the big fashion houses abandon the most … Read more

Secret agent, fuzzy scientist, climate fiction and dream houses: the weekend replays


THE MORNING LIST From documentary to fiction: a greening project in the La Défense district. MICHEL DESVIGNE LANDSCAPING / PARIS LA DEFENSE This weekend, documentaries and investigations on the menu of our screens: a detailed portrait of Sean Connery, Scottish actor who will never stop freeing himself from 007; a “Complementary investigation” on the different … Read more

“Dream houses in California”, on Arte: the modernism of the desert, cliffs and swimming pools


The Elrod House (1968) where Guy Hamilton’s James Bond “Diamonds Are Forever” was filmed in 1971. NELSON MOE/CATERS NEWS/SIPA ARTE – SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13 AT 11:15 AM – DOCUMENTARY SERIES Even if it is difficult to immediately associate the name of an architect with them, the sublime constructions reviewed in the documentary series Dream homes … Read more

10 Best Fictional Houses That Are So Magnificent They’re Worth Haunting


With Mike Flanaganis added The Midnight Club to its signature horror collection, released in early October, there’s no doubt the Haunted House horror subgenre is going from strength to strength. Since the early 1900s, audiences have loved watching and being awe-struck by settings as familiar as their own homes. RELATED: The Creepiest Horror Movie Locations … Read more

What are Earthships: houses that are born from the recycling of materials


Living in an eco-sustainable house that guarantees thermal insulation it is a dream for many (especially at the time of stratospheric bills) but the latest generation materials and innovations are not always necessary. If we told you that there are those who, since the 70s of the last century, have been working to build completely … Read more

Gucci, Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton, among the fashion houses that became ‘gamers’


The world of video games continues to gain ground and audiences with a market that moves more than US$198,000 million worldwide and has become a showcase for brands of all kinds. the fashion of luxury is not far behind. Brands like Gucci, Miu Miu, Balenciaga and Luis Vuitton are some of the fashion houses that … Read more

Are you looking for a different home? This is the SeaPods, luxury houses floating on the sea


Remove barriers and be part of nature through sustainable housing, sounds good, right? This is the new proposal of the company Ocean Builders and architect Koen Olthuis. Through elevated capsules, several modular accommodation alternatives are offered on the sea or in the middle of the vegetation, an initiative that seeks to return to a simpler … Read more