Crazy Bob fever grows: 25 teams in the race

Crazy Bob fever continues to grow in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Everything is ready in Tarvisio, in Val Canale, for the two days of fun and goliardic competition between bobsleds and self-built sledgesthe craziest winter event that celebrates ingenuity, imagination and the spirit of healthy fun, ready to exceptionally return for the second consecutive year on … Read more

Metaverse: Nokia’s Interest Grows

Nokia is one of the forerunners of the consumer mobile phone system. Until 2011, the company, headquartered in Finland, was the world’s leading manufacturer of mobile phones. Since 2014, Nokia has been a leading provider of broadband network solutions and customer service management software. Recently, the company has shown a strong interest in the metaverse. … Read more

Marcon, the antenna of via dello Scoutismo still grows, a huge cylinder added at its end


In Marcon eight repeaters, on average one every 3.5 square kilometers . Adico: “immediately a meeting with the mayor”. Higher and higher and, predictably, more and more powerful. The Iliad repeater (but, from June, also Wind), located about 40 meters from the condominiums in via dello Scoutismo in Marcon, becomes even more mammoth in spite … Read more

Axie Infinity is not alone: ​​the offer of games to earn dollars for pure fun grows (we show you 3 options)


NFT games reached their peak of popularity in 2021 due to the huge profits they generated for their players. The other proposals Non-fungible tokens or NFTs exploded in 2021 after companies and personalities decided to bet on these instruments. It’s about a new type of crypto asset characterized by: Represent ownership of a “unique” digital … Read more