The Rings of Power: this actor also in Games of Thrones leaves the Amazon series

news culture The Rings of Power: this actor also in Games of Thrones leaves the Amazon series Published on 02/12/2022 at 18:51 Share : If the continuation of the series The Rings of Power is not expected for a long time, information about season 2 on Amazon Prime Video is still starting to filter little … Read more

Al Pacino at The Game Awards: “Actors elevate video games”

news culture Al Pacino at The Game Awards: “Actors elevate video games” Published on 09/12/2022 at 02:46 Share : The Game Awards 2022 got off to a flying start with a surprise guest that no one expected to see on stage at this event! Geoff Keighley has indeed decided to start the ceremony by calling … Read more

“Hunger Games”, “Brazil”…: the Espaces d’Abraxas, once popular with cinema, are now stricken


When they were designed by the Spanish star architect Ricardo Bofill, the Abraxas were intended as a break with the soulless HLM bars of large housing estates. “It was a time of utopian ideology,” says Yann Minh, a 65-year-old artist who has lived in the Theater building since 2017. “The discourse of the time was … Read more

Mockingjay is not to Hunger Games what The Return of the King is to Lord of the Rings [critique]


Too long following its split into two parts, the last film still has some qualities: a good action scene, exciting music and its heroine, Katniss, always badass and played with conviction by Jennifer Lawrence. TMC wraps the rebroadcast of the saga tonight The Hunger Games : The Revolt (part 2) will return at 9:15 p.m. … Read more

LAUNCH RAMP: The New Board Games by Playagame Edizioni (January 2023)


Today at the controls of our Red Rocket we find Playagame Edizioni which will let us discover the games planned and released for the month of January. Between raccoons, evolutions and whatnot, you’d better fasten your helmets because take-off will be imminent! January 13, 2023 of Stefano Stievano Hello everyone and welcome back to our … Read more

Hogwarts Legacy, Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, Star Wars: Jedi Survior: what are the most anticipated video games of 2023?


Who says new year also says new video game releases. Last year, in 2022, players were able to revel in the excellent God of War: Ragnarok, Following god of war or evenElden Ringthe latest nugget from From Software studios, at the origin of the trilogy Dark Souls or Bloodborne. On the surprise side, stray definitely … Read more

SICT raises awareness among minors about road safety through Roblox video games


Within the framework of April 30 and as part of the “Carretera Segura” National Road Safety Campaign, the Ministry of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT) will begin the publication of videos aimed at girls and boys, in order to protect the child population that travels through the country’s road network. A fundamental part of said … Read more

The 10 (plus two) most anticipated games of 2023 from | Special


We don’t know if all the promises will be kept, but one thing is certain: barring sensational mass postponements, 2023 will be a devastating year for our wallets. Consulting all the impressions received from the various members of the editorial staff, we have decided to list the ones that are the 10 most anticipated games … Read more

All 52 New Games Are Coming To The Nintendo Switch eShop This Week


The Nintendo Switch eShop will see 52 new games added to the digital storefront over the next few days, including a title that mixes volleyball and guns. Called Hyper Gunsport, the futuristic sports game comes from the developer behind Gunhouse and the upcoming Demonschool. Two Arcade Archives titles are also now available on the Switch … Read more