‘Molli and Max in the Future’ Review: ‘When Harry Met Sally…’ in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

And you thought dating on Earth was hard? Romantic comedies are built on cliches, from Big City Girl finds love in a small country town to lovers’ rivals, awkward love triangles, opposites that attract, and culminating kisses (often in bad weather). ). It’s not a problem, but a design meant to comfort us with its … Read more

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. begins production of the FF 91 Futurist Alliance at its FF ieFactory in California | Zonebourse

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. has announced the start of production (SOP) of the all-new Ultimate Intelligent TechLuxury FF 91 Futurist Alliance at its FF ieFactory in Hanford, California. The FF 91 Futurist is the company’s first production vehicle and a model expected to be offered in both the US and Chinese markets. The SOP … Read more

“Spectral warfare”, a concept at the heart of the NGAD, the American fighter of the future


We have known it for some time now: the US Air Force, the United States Air Force, has been working for a few years on its Next Generation Air Dominance program, or NGAD, its sixth generation of combat fighter. She is working on it so actively that some solid clues indicate that a first device … Read more

Artificial intelligence and the future of software development


AI-driven software development is no longer a futuristic dream. With GitHub Copilot, more than 1.2 million developers already rely on AI to generate code, saving their companies time (and money). But while we tend to focus on Copilot for its impressive, if still nascent, code generation capabilities, there are even better and more impactful opportunities … Read more

Comfort and design from the future: Staria, Hyundai’s new van


MALPENSA – An absolute preview event signed by Autotorino presented to the Lombard public Hyundai Staria, the multi-space van with which the Korean company redefines the travel experience and responds to the changing needs of consumers.Invite yourself to event space of the Sheraton Malpensa Hotelyesterday, Friday 24 March, over one hundred and fifty participants, including … Read more

“The CFMOTO 800NK? Design of substance and that looks to the future”


Carles Solsona, a designer of Spanish origin, is not a new face in our world. From his pencil, highly successful motorcycles were born, appreciated for their clean lines. He worked for several years in Ducati (among his creations, the second generation Hypermotard, with the Hyperstrada, as well as the concept of the third generation Multistrada), … Read more

Airstream and Porsche Design team up to design the trailer of the future – L’annuel de l’automobile


American recreational vehicle (RV) manufacturer Airstream invited Porsche Design to answer the question that no one dares to ask: what Airstream trailers could look like designed to meet the expectations and needs of a new generation of buyers. to become. The fruit of this collaboration takes the form of a futuristic travel trailer unveiled in … Read more

Orientation: the professions of the future linked to Artificial Intelligence | Studenti.it


The professions of the future related to artificial intelligence What are the professions of the future related to artificial intelligence? — Source: getty-images We have often talked about artificial intelligence and the possible implications of using text generation software like ChatGPT. It is no coincidence: it is in fact estimated that 85% of the professions … Read more

The smartphones of the future will be integrated into our bodies, according to the inventor of the mobile phone


According to Martin Cooper, inventor of the cell phone in 1973, the cell phone of the future will be integrated into the body of its user. Now 94, Martin Cooper is best known for inventing the cell phone. Despite his advanced age, the man remains very close to Tech and the mobile industry. To this … Read more