Problems with the detection of airplanes force to delay the futuristic control tower of Peinador

If there is a maxim with which you work in the aviation sector, it is that safety always comes first. And if there are doubts that something could go wrong, it stops and is reviewed. This is what is currently happening with the project of the Peinador remote control tower. The civil works of the … Read more

Northrop Grumman and US Air Force Unveil B

In a spectacular unveiling at Plant 42 in Palmdale, California, Northrop Grumman and the US Air Force unveiled the new B-21 Raider stealth strategic bomber, the world’s first sixth-generation aircraft, last night. Finally we were able to see live what today is considered the most advanced and futuristic looking aircraft ever built. The event, broadcast … Read more

The US Air Force will unveil the B


On December 2, the USAF and American aircraft manufacturer Northrop Grumman will unveil the B-21 Raider cyber bomber, the world’s first 6th generation aircraft. The era of 6th generation combat aircraft will start on December 2. Aircraft manufacturer Northrop Grumman and the US Air Force will finally unveil the B-21 Raider, a futuristic 6th generation … Read more

Analysis | Star Ocean: The Divine Force


After six years, Star Ocean returns with a new installment that mixes the classic with new mechanics. Data sheet Title: Star Ocean: The Divine Force Developer: Tri-Ace / Square Enix Distributor: PLAION Number of Players: 1 Platforms: Playstation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC Genre: Action JRPG In 1996 the people … Read more

Metaverse and tax, Palumbo (Eurispes): “Just apply the rules in force”


“Virtual reality is on the rise rapid expansion. In such a – now current and no longer futuristic – context the Metaverse allows people to carry out, through avatars, work or income-producing activities which, until now, were only accomplished in the physical dimension “. This is what the Director of the Observatory on Tax Policies … Read more

Star Ocean The Divine Force looks very promising | Tried | Game Division


In recent days we flew to London thanks to Square Enix and Plaion to take part in the Square Enix Plays 2022, an event organized in conjunction with the most famous Tokyo Game Show to also allow the European press to try first hand this year’s line-up of the Japanese publisher. The great protagonist of … Read more

Force Gauge Market Segmentation, Scope, Rising Demand, Growth Opportunity

The research report “Strength Gauge Market” contains detailed information on factors influencing demand, growth, opportunities, challenges and restraints. It uses several approaches to analyze target market data such as primary and secondary research methodologies. The Force Gauge market research is an intelligence report that delivers accurate and valuable insights. The data that has been reviewed … Read more