Flying taxis in the sky of several South Korean cities from 2025?

On the occasion of Mobile World Congressthe South Korean telecommunications company SK Telecom To announcement that it would launch a service of flying taxis in South Korea, in the course of 2025. This futuristic project was born from a collaboration between SK Telecom and the American Aviation Society Joby Aviation, designer of the vehicles that … Read more

Electric cars, flying taxis, etc. : the best

The Consumer Electronics Show has become one of the largest and most popular auto shows in the United States. This year, several hundred exhibitors from across the automotive industry unveiled their latest cutting-edge products and technologies. BMW showed off its futuristic i Vision Dee electric car while Sony and Honda revealed their Afeela prototype. The … Read more

Flying taxis are coming: when, where and how much a ride will cost


To move, Milan offers a wide range of possibilities: buses, trolleybuses, trams, trains, car sharing, green mobility and now… even flying taxis. Sounds like science fictionbut it’s not. In at least three yearsin fact, the first flight should take off (the first flying taxi has taken off in Italy: here’s where we can go). Which … Read more

A la Blade Runner: Flying vehicle takes its first ride in Dubai


A Chinese company tested an electric flying taxi in dubai on October 10, offering a glimpse of the futuristic technology that someday might move users Through cities above the traffic. The XPeng X2developed by the aviation subsidiary of Guangzhou-based XPeng Inc, is one of dozens of flying car projects Worldwide. Only a few have been … Read more

This incredible electric motorcycle transforms into a flying motorcycle!


The Lazareth LMV 496 is the electric motorcycle flywheel developed by the French engineer Ludovic Lazareth. Known for his futuristic vehicles, this inventor founded his eponymous company to bring his imagination to life. Now it’s Ludovic Lazareth’s turn to show us his flying machine. This French manufacturer is the very first to embark on the … Read more

NASA shows the first flying car crash tests, and it’s not a pretty sight…


News JVTech NASA shows the first flying car crash tests, and it’s not a pretty sight… Published on 26/12/2022 at 15:50 All the shows dedicated to the automobile are beginning to show us methods for moving through the air. The “flying car” is a fantasy that has existed for a long time, and yet it … Read more

In Annecy, Lazareth unveils a motorcycle capable of riding and flying with or without a pilot


It is in Annecy that Ludovic Lazareth prepares his flying motorcycle. The manufacturer received us in his workshop to reveal in detail this futuristic machine capable of rolling and flying with or without a pilot. The first flying motorcycle in the world is French. It was created by Lazareth, an exceptional car and motorcycle manufacturer. … Read more

Artificial moon, flying taxis… What we know about NEOM, the futuristic city in Saudi Arabia


The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia plans to build a futuristic megalopolis including a ski resort in the middle of the desert. Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, presented his huge new project, a gigantic futuristic city worth more than 500 billion dollars located in the northwest of the kingdom. A disproportionate project. … Read more

Flying taxis in Paris? The fantasy will (maybe) be a reality


A flying taxi project presented recently plans the first trips for 2024 in the skies of the Ile-de-France region, during the Olympic Games. If a commercial development is envisaged, its feasibility is not unanimous. Until now, it was on cinema screens that we saw them: from blade runner 2049 at Ghosts, flying cars embodied a … Read more

China unveils two 6th generation aircraft models: flying wing or more classic aircraft?


At the recent Zhuhai show, two futuristic aircraft models caught the eye. China is among the countries wishing to develop and build a sixth-generation aircraft for its air force. The two models are different: a flying wing following many sixth generation American projects and a more classic aircraft but surprisingly resembling a video game aircraft. … Read more