Crazy Bob fever grows: 25 teams in the race

Crazy Bob fever continues to grow in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Everything is ready in Tarvisio, in Val Canale, for the two days of fun and goliardic competition between bobsleds and self-built sledgesthe craziest winter event that celebrates ingenuity, imagination and the spirit of healthy fun, ready to exceptionally return for the second consecutive year on … Read more

Basketball, NBA: Victor Wembanyama fever: which teams have the best chance of drafting him?

Victor Wembanyama is now increasingly synonymous with first pick of the 2023 draft. In recent years, the NBA has introduced changes to the lottery system, leveling the chances of the bottom three teams to get the very first call (14.0%). And on the eve of the current season, to keep the competitiveness of the championship … Read more

China is wary of metaverse ‘fever’ after Meta’s megatagli


The Chinese government’s economic newspaper warns of metaverse “fever” after the thousands of layoffs announced by Meta. The Chinese government’s business newspaper warns against “fever” from metaverse, after the thousands of layoffs announced by Half. The metaverse industry looks promising but may not do well in all regions of the world, according to an article … Read more