“There will be total independence in the political project”, General Fernando Murillo and his aspiration to the Mayor’s Office | The new day

In dialogue with EL NUEVO DÍA, Fernando Murillo Orrego, retired Major General and former national director of the Dijin, spoke about his aspiration to become Mayor of Ibagué, a fact that has been projected since the beginning of November. Since the ‘shake’ that occurred within the National Police with the arrival of the Petro government, … Read more

Javier Olivares: “The Celsius 232 tribute to Fernando Marías is like a sad celebration”

Javier Olivares (Madrid, 1964) is one of the stars of this edition of the Celsius 232 for three reasons: He is the author of the poster, presents his latest comic (an original version of War of the Worldswith script of santiago garcia) and will be one of the participants in the tribute to his great … Read more

Interview with Fernando Alés: “I intend to make the reader go through different sensations and with this they can experience different types of feelings”


“Macabre and more pleasant stories”, published by the ExLibric publishing house, is a compilation of stories, ranging from mystery stories to much more terrifying ones. From some incredibly human, to others more endearing or moving; even some full of magic or futuristic. There are fifteen stories that reach the skin of the reader and go … Read more