Juan Carlos “Peto” Simón: “we cried with joy, the feeling was unique”

-What was the game you suffered the most? The Final, it’s crazy how the game turned out, it was tremendous. In no previous World Cup was such an emotional definition seen. With the Netherlands we suffered a lot, because they tied us in the last minutes of extra time. -The celebrations of the Argentine partiality … Read more

Tulum Crypto Artist Moves Fruits to “Feeling the Fruit” NFT Collection

From SXSW and NFT LA, to Consensus and NFT.NYC, Tulum-based multidisciplinary artist Alejandro Glatt has made it his mission to connect humanity with nature and Web 3.0 technology through the “power of fruit.” As founder of the Movement Feel the Fruit, Glatt promotes an experiential healing experience that combines meditation with fruit to connect with … Read more