Castel Sant’Angelo showcases Sixties fashion

by Redazione , written on 03/27/2023 Categories: Exhibitions / Topics: art and fashion The National Museum of Castel Sant’Angelo hosts from 27 March to 21 May 2023 the exhibition-performance “The Sweet Sixties: Narratives of Fashion”, dedicated to the fashion of the Sixties. From 27 March to 21 May 2023 the National Museum of Castel … Read more

Dressing for the apocalypse: dystopian fashion for 2023

Among the many aesthetics that we have seen alternating and overlapping over the last year, one that we will not be able to do without in 2023 will be the core dystopia. It had already gradually established itself in 2022 as a reflection of the inspirations coming from the gloomy atmospheres of films such as … Read more

Fashion, hairstyle, decoration, travel… Pinterest unveils the main trends for 2023


Pinterest unveiled this Wednesday, December 7, its book of major trends for 2023. Among them, fringed pieces and futuristic looks should prevail in fashion. The unstructured square will be popular in hairdressing salons and the combination of vintage and contemporary objects should take interiors by storm. What will 2023 be made of? Based on searches … Read more

Pulse Uncover, My Sixth Sense – Tech to the rescue of fashion?


– Tech to the rescue of fashion? As the Indian summer comes to an end with a colorful and creative review at -Pulse Incubator HES with the release of its new Podcast Uncover, the fashion show season is launched with an ever more significant quest for meaning in sight. as fashion tech invades the catwalks. … Read more

Il meglio delle sfilate della Tokyo Fashion Week e i designer da tenere d’occhio


Si è appena conclusa la Rakuten Fashion Week di Tokyo, già anticipata a Milano dalla sfilata del designer giapponese Tomo Koizumi in un’opulenza di tulle supportata da Dolce & Gabbana. Per chi scrive era la prima volta alla settimana della moda di Tokyo, coperta dalla stampa internazionale più per gli eccentrici giochi di sperimentazione testimoniati … Read more

At Paris Fashion Week, 500 shades of gray, and more if you like


In six months, humanity will be divided into two camps: the beige addicts on one side, and the gray monomaniacs on the other. Unless they are the same people. This is, in essence, the verdict of Paris Fashion Week, which ended on Tuesday evening. A particularly conservative autumn-winter 2023 season. After the hubris of the … Read more

The glamor of fashion shootings interpreted by celebrities


For the great advertising campaigns of the big names in fashion, the charm of photo shoots continues to resist, especially if the protagonists are famous and the artistic direction (designer plus photographer) is impeccable and creative. The brands engage in a real battle of photo shoots and video shoots also for this Spring/Summer 2022 double … Read more

Spray clothes and designs taken from the iPhone: Coperni’s proposal, the firm that wants to bring the future to fashion


The name of the Coperni fashion firm is a tribute to Nicolaus Copernicus, the astronomer who formulated the heliocentric theory at the beginning of the 16th century. And the passion for science and technology of its founders, the French Arnaud Vaillant and Sébastien Meyer, is not just a tool for marketing. His most famous design, … Read more

What to expect from 2023: what will dictate the trend in fashion


What are the fashion trends of 2023? What to expect from this new year? In addition to what has already been proposed on the catwalk, it is also possible to anticipate the path taken by fashion through social media: let’s find out together what the trend dictates. What to expect from 2023? Fashion already has … Read more

The 10 most striking fashion images of 2022


Shared, commented on and diverted on social networks, these images tell the place of self-stylization in 2022. Bella Hadid’s body turned into clothing at Coperni The supermodel went from thong to dress in a jet during the Coperni show, September 30, 2022. Continuing the tradition of the show as a performance space, with a reference … Read more