Black Clover, Pluto, Ultraman…: Netflix announces the color of its upcoming anime releases in an explosive trailer! (Agenda 2023)

netflix took advantage of theJapanese Anime (which is taking place right now in Tokyo) to lift the veil on all the exciting animated programs that will punctuate our year. And if the platform streaming has already spoiled us well in this first quarter of 2023, it does not intend to stop there. Witness the exclusive … Read more

Battlefield 2042: all the secrets of the explosive Season 3 Escalation


Between free trial periods and access to EA Play/Xbox Game Pass Ultimatethe hope is that Battlefield 2042 can live a second life after a not particularly exciting year from a commercial point of view for the shooter DICE and Electronic Arts. Waiting to find out the impact of these factors on the performance of the … Read more

Indochine 40 years at the Stade de France: an explosive and magical retro futuristic show!


To celebrate its 40th anniversary, Indochine invested the Stade de France last night for the first date of its “Central Tour” postponed twice for the reasons we know. A dantesque show attended by more than 97,000 people – attendance record beaten – sold out. Back to a show of class and exceptional density. 8:30 p.m. … Read more

Seven brides for seven brothers, the explosive talent of Diana Del Bufalo and Baz


It is staged at the RePower Theater of Assago (Milan) until March 27 Seven brides for seven brothers (Production FDF Enternainment with Roma City Musical and Art Village). One of the most anticipated musical comedies, also for the number of dancers and actors (22 in all) who give an incredible color to the show. Here … Read more

An explosive trailer for Dune, the science fiction film with Timothée Chalamet

Chani (Zendaya) will do everything to save his planet Arrakis, threatened by enemies. YouTube screenshot – Warner Bros France Through bombs and ships, the character of Chani, played by Zendaya, is revealed in this new trailer. Release scheduled for September 15. Golden sand dunes as far as the eye can see, and, just above, two … Read more