Fortnite MEGA, Chapter 4: new season 2, skins, weapons, crossover with AOT, Battle Pass, exit

Fortnite MEGAchapter 4 of the second season, is just arrived with a series of very interesting news. In this article we will focus on the main changes, from new skins to weapons. Let us know what you think and keep following us on VideogiochItalia. Fortnite MEGA, Chapter 4: Weapons and Vehicles The weapons Among the … Read more

Tim Burton, Monster Light Prize for young and old! – Exit Mag

The Lumière 2022 prize will be awarded for the first time to a great filmmaker of genre cinema, who will have made dreams (and nightmares) of both generations of children and film lovers: Tim Burton arrives next October in Lyon! One of the most beautiful bestiaries ever created in cinema will land in Lyon theaters … Read more

Sandrine Kiberlain, irresistible in Emmanuel Mouret’s new film – Exit Mag


You have to suffer from a certain French cinema to appreciate Chronicle of a temporary liaisonbut Emmanuel Mouret’s new film ended up touching our hearts, with Sandrine Kiberlain and Vincent Macaigne in their best roles. She was already spouting sexual insanities in the face of Fabrice Luchini in All about Robert, one of his first … Read more

Without filter, the new Ruben Ostlund, the great film of the season – Exit Mag


[mis à jour] Second Palme d’Or for Swede Ruben Östlund after The Square, Without filter is a jubilant satire with an anthology sequence on a yacht of Russian oligarchs! The most ambitious and impressive film of this fall? Run there! There are dog punks, and there are chic punks. Since The Square and his first … Read more

Last days to see the futuristic production of Tannhauser at the Opéra de Lyon – Exit Mag


Daniele Rustioni and David Hermann manage to give a romantic imagination to Tannhauser, Wagner’s early work, no longer given in Lyon for 50 years, in sumptuous settings inspired by SF cinema and a royal cast. Deserved ovation. It’s curious, when you listen to Wagner, you always have the impression that he is in pain! To … Read more

Early pensions 2022, last: two keys to flexibility in exit


We continue to talk about early pensions and measures that could be more or less accepted by the Government from 1 January 2023. In particular yesterday on the site, as often happens when we publish some considerations of the Dr. Claudio Maria Perfettomany participated in the debate and were in complete agreement with many of … Read more