Kia EV5 (2024). The electric Sportage is announced with a concept car

The Kia Concept EV5 announces an electric SUV with a massive and futuristic style that will be positioned opposite the Volkswagen ID.4. The concept’s seats can turn outwards. The production model is announced for the end of 2023 in China and expected for 2024 in Europe. By MaxK Published on 21/03/2023 – 11:50 The Concept … Read more

Automakers are getting into electric bikes

The craze for the electric bike is not weakening, benefiting from the latest technological innovations. This booming market has long since found its public and car manufacturers, who concede that the little queen is very practical for driving around town, are in turn rushing into the design of cycles. Like Porsche, Mini or Lamborghini, many … Read more

BMW future electric champion with 1000 km of autonomy?


BMW has announced the start of the production process for solid-state batteries for electric cars. These batteries will allow an interesting autonomy close to 1000 km While technologies are constantly evolving in the electric car sector, many challenges remain. Among these, autonomy. Indeed, to make a long trip, you need big batteries. However, the latter … Read more

This is the ‘Project Arrow’, the first electric SUV developed by Canada


The 15 sports SUVs that finally live up to their name The 15 best-selling electric cars in Europe The rise of the electric car has encouraged many countries without automobile tradition prior to embarking on the adventure of having their own brands and models. This is how we have seen it in recent months, for … Read more

Suzuki eVX (2023): this compact SUV foreshadows the brand’s first electric model


Zapping Autonews Green Paris Motor Show 2022: Peugeot 408 (2022) In 2023, Suzuki is one of the few automakers that does not yet offer electric cars. The Japanese firm therefore wants to catch up, and begins by unveiling a concept car which prefigures its first electric model. Called Suzuki eVX, the vehicle is unveiled at … Read more

Peugeot Inception Concept, futuristic electric vehicle


Peugeot Inception Concept, futuristic electric vehicle. The automaker revealed a prototype of the Peugeot Inception Concept, a model that hints at the next generation of electric vehicles from 2025. Peugeot Inception Electric Concept The Peugeot Inception Concept takes the form of a futuristic four-seat electric sedan. Visually there’s a clear connection to the 2018 e-Legend … Read more

Here comes the Verge TS Ultra, electric racing car


Above average performance for the new Ultra version of the futuristic Verge TS. With the unprecedented motor integrated into the rear wheel rim, this electric motorbike promises superlative numbers in terms of power and autonomy. But it costs a lot. That Finnish Verge TS be one revolutionary electric motorcycle in content we’ve known this for … Read more

BYD presents the exclusive Yangwang U8, a futuristic electric SUV with +1000CV


The more than sweet moment that BYD Asians are experiencing is leading them to explore new heights. The latest big news from the giant is the premiere of the Yangwang U8, an SUV that comes to the recently created new brand of electric cars. A model that stands out for its very futuristic design, despite … Read more

Electric car: what is the use of the huge 55


The American company Blink Charging took advantage of the CES in Las Vegas to present its new innovation. It is a charging station with a huge 55-inch screen, allowing in particular to display advertisements. Volta Charging terminal Whereas the electric car market is growing rapidly for several years now, recharging has been a major issue. … Read more

This incredible electric motorcycle transforms into a flying motorcycle!


The Lazareth LMV 496 is the electric motorcycle flywheel developed by the French engineer Ludovic Lazareth. Known for his futuristic vehicles, this inventor founded his eponymous company to bring his imagination to life. Now it’s Ludovic Lazareth’s turn to show us his flying machine. This French manufacturer is the very first to embark on the … Read more