Earth, Wind & Fire pursues another Earth, Wind & Fire

The funk legends’ heirs are launching a lawsuit against the company behind “ Earth, Wind & Fire Legacy Reunion “. The rights holders of funk legends Earth, Wind & Fire have filed a lawsuit against the company behind a competing show, accusing it of copyright infringement and trademark dilution which, according to them, led to … Read more

“In space”, the circus artist revolves around the Earth


The latest creation from company A wolf for the mantitled In the spacewas given from December 9 to 11 in Arras on the initiative of the National Stage Tandem. Under the leadership of Alexandre Fray, four acrobats and two musicians share the space of a marquee where new relationships are invented between humans and the … Read more

Earth 300, a futuristic superyacht to save the planet


The world of yachts is not only luxury, leisure and comfort, sometimes these prodigies of design and naval engineering can also participate in safeguarding the planet. The greatest example is Earth 300, a global project materialized in a futuristic superyacht whose main objective is to combat climate change by combining science, technology, adventure and education. … Read more

Space: “The support of new players should not penalize Earth observation and the exploration of the Universe”


Image made available by NASA, Wednesday, March 16, 2022 showing the star 2MASS J17554042+6551277 used to align the mirrors of the James Webb Space Telescope, with the galaxies and stars around it. PA Lhe CNES, the French space agency, and the French scientific community that uses measurements made by instruments on board satellites have a … Read more

Earth and the Pleiades: the first historical images of a French probe in deep space


The LICIACube, the first interplanetary probe built in France, immortalized the Earth and the Pleiades at 14 million km. Historic step for our country. Credit: ASI / ANSA The Italian LICIACube satellite has captured two historic images of deep space, the first ever immortalized by a probe made in our country. The two onboard cameras … Read more

A “lunar” project in Dubai allows you to experience a journey into space from Earth


Dubai: a crazy new project When we evoke the idea of ​​a lunar station, we imagine a futuristic and luxurious residence that will not be built for decades, even centuries. However, the new project of the Canadian company Moon World Resorts Inc. brings this crazy idea a little closer to us. No need to wait … Read more

Little Orpheus: a memorable journey to the center of the Earth!


The soul and the very essence of video games reside in the players who, with a joypad in hand, are catapulted into fantastic and wonderful adventuresat the limit of the imagination accompanied by beings of all kinds, surrounded by incredibly unrealistic events or much more concrete than they seem. Little Orpheus in this sense it … Read more