This is the ‘Project Arrow’, the first electric SUV developed by Canada

The 15 sports SUVs that finally live up to their name The 15 best-selling electric cars in Europe The rise of the electric car has encouraged many countries without automobile tradition prior to embarking on the adventure of having their own brands and models. This is how we have seen it in recent months, for … Read more

The “sinister” new generation of weapons being developed by several countries (such as the missile used against the leader of al Qaeda)

Peter Lee The Conversation* 8 August 2022 image source, Getty Images Caption, A US drone with a Hellfire missile like the one used against Ayman al-Zawahiri The recent death of al Qaeda leader Ayman al Zawahiri in a CIA drone strike was the latest US response to the attacks on the Twin Towers on September … Read more

Elon Musk developed video games before breaking Twitter and sending a Tesla into space: these are the ones that bear his name

Although today we know him for many other things, not all of them exactly good -and some quite reprehensible-, the billionaire Elon Musk was introduced to the world of programming thanks to the video game and, in fact, a good part of his first steps began precisely there. Today, waiting for it to finish break … Read more

Vision Gran Turismo, the first Ferrari, developed to race in video games


A downforce derived from the 499P hypercar These devices, patented by Ferrari, channel the airflow from the front of the underbody into the cockpit and over the side pods. Solution that allows aerodynamic downforce at the rear developed with concepts inspired by the Ferrari 499P which will debut at the centenary 24 Hours of Le … Read more

Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, predicted the end of cell phones: he anticipated that they will be replaced by tattoos developed with nanotechnology


Bill Gatesthe software tycoon, investor and philanthropist who has recently become a kind of guru of the new realities that humanity is experiencing, forecast that cell phones have their days numbered and they will be replaced by electronic tattoos. Thanks to chips nanotechnology that can fulfill all the functions that any smartphone performs, Gates bets … Read more

Guide to the most powerful and advanced hypersonic aircraft currently being developed


Hypersonic speed exceeds five times the speed of soundIn addition, the air surrounding the plane or drone is heated to such an extent that it becomes ionized. These vehicles are developed to reach high speeds and persist to the thermal stresses that they suffer on their surface, thus, they are capable of dislodging the heat … Read more

One of the most beautiful games on Xbox Series X was developed by one person


Released in complete anonymity, Bright Memory: Infinite is one of the most beautiful games available on Xbox Series X. It was designed by just one person. May 7, 2020: Microsoft chooses this date to hold a presentation of the first Xbox Series X games. It was an opportunity for the Redmond firm to show what … Read more

Seven games developed in Mexico that you can buy in the Steam summer sale from 25 pesos


Like every beginning of summer, the Steam Summer Sale takes place for offer their best prices on a huge number of video games. But among so many offers, sometimes it is difficult to know where to start when choosing your purchases. National developments are not far behind and there are titles that are worth trying. … Read more

Ecotrain: recruitment launched for this futuristic train developed in Albi

“The Occitan ecotrain initiative is entering an operational R&I phase and we are therefore recruiting today no less than six research engineer and doctoral student positions within an international team.“, announces Norbert Feraud, the scientific coordinator of this mobility project and the deputy director of Research and Innovation of the IMT-Mines school in Albi, associated … Read more

Google suspends engineer after claiming Artificial Intelligence developed feelings


The internet in recent days seems to be obsessed with aliens and the possibility that higher intelligence life is watching us. But in the midst of all this we rescued a twisted story that happened inside Google and that could well be a spiritual sequel to Her, the Spike Jonze movie. If we remember the … Read more