From chains to networks, what supply in times of crisis?

Conflicts, the Covid-19 pandemic and the climate crisis are disrupting global supply chains. In this environment, companies need to do more to mitigate the risk of disruptions and are investing in technology to manage increasingly complex networks. The 5 factors that impact supply chains The World Economic Forum identifies 5 Factors Disrupting Supply Chains : … Read more

Films and TV series, the climate crisis does not exist: only 2.8% of screenplays contain references

The central themes and events of climate change and global warming – despite the striking case of “Don’t Look Up” , or, referring to Italy, “Drought” by Paolo Virzì and “The boy and the tiger” by Brando Qulici – do not seem to break through between subjects and screenplays of US productions. Most of which … Read more

Power crisis at the CDP: Achille Tapsoba’s authority questioned by a citizen


The comment below appears as a slap in the face to Achille Tapsoba and to the entire “historical” camp. It follows its media release dated Thursday, November 10, 2022, presenting the verdict of the summary trial, the outcome of which ordered Eddie Komboigo to pay the costs and confirming at the same time Achille Tapsoba, … Read more

A nightmare balance for Meta: big techs are severely tested by the economic crisis

The free fall of Half is unstoppable. After the parent company of Facebook issued a weak third quarter balance sheetwith earnings below shareholder expectations on Wall Street, prices plummeted 19% on Wednesday morning. Numbers worse than expected Cnbc reported some key figures from the latest quarterly financial statements from Half. The data also shows itself … Read more

War, energy crisis and lack of chips do not stop the hunger for tech «LMF Lamiafinanza


Tech companies have been the hardest hit by the recent market shocks. However, technology will remain a critical investment and strategic source for supporting the productivity and competitiveness of companies: according to Bain & Company’s third annual Tech Report on Global Technology, released today, 77% of leading companies globally plan to keep unchanged or increase … Read more

Energy crisis? The benefits of the brick envelope


Over the last few months, and more heavily over the last few weeks, we talk about nothing else: the energy crisis which has hit our country with a strong and profound damage to businesses, industries and families. This scenario also reverberates in the construction sector where gods necessarily appear profound changes that not only they … Read more

They warn of water crisis and more severe droughts in Mexico


The suspension of water concessions to soft drink and beer companies proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is not going to solve the water crisis and more severe droughts will come, analysts said. “Global warming, we knew that it was going to modify the frequency of rain, periods of low water, and drought. We … Read more

Enovitis in the field 2022: focus on the water crisis and robotics


A focus on the vineyard, just when the serious water crisis threatens the peninsula. It will be held on Thursday 23 and Friday 24 June Enovitis in the field 2022a traveling event organized by Italian wine union has become a point of reference for the sector of products, technologies, machinery and services dedicated to the … Read more