Clothing and Uniqueness: The Hidden Report for Indirect Communication

Expressing one’s personality freely is, to this day, a fundamental concept of free will, which allows people to show their feelings and thoughts through a myriad of possibilities. Of these opportunities, of course, clothing represents one of the most attractive options, as the outward appearance shows (often even subconsciously) thoughts, moods and unspoken words. Thus, … Read more

Digital clothing and gaming: fashion is (still) passionate about the metaverse

(ETX Daily Up) – Who said the metaverse was cheesy? Certainly not the fashion and luxury industries which are multiplying breakthroughs in this parallel world, blurring ever further the boundaries between real and virtual. One year after the change of name from Facebook to Meta, here are the latest initiatives that testify to the enthusiasm … Read more

Militant design: Jeanne Vicerial, clothing surgeon | Knowledge of the Arts


First French researcher in fashion design, the “clothing surgeon”, just 30 years old, operates the synthesis of ready-to-wear and made-to-measure. For Jeanne Vicerial who cares about care, the detail is not one. In the center of an immaculate capsule worthy of a Star Wars ship, a robot weaves a dress that the dancer and fasciatherapist … Read more

This store has managed to revive the spirit of a clothing brand from 1961


Rare avis It is the fashion firm capable of surviving today in the luxury sector without belonging to a conglomerate or an investment group. the french Courregesfor example, could not avoid it in 2018, when Artémis entered the capital -belonging to the Pinault family and majority shareholder of Kering- and immediately changed course, putting in … Read more

Jean Paul Gaultier: “My vision is that of a strong and powerful woman who expresses herself freely through clothing”


Jean Paul Gaultier he is the ‘enfant terrible’ of fashion in his own right. Irreverent, but kind. A free verse that has revolutionized the sector extolling difference, celebrating diversity, breaking stereotypes (it is one of the promoters of genderless fashion) and exploring other more marginal canons of beauty, and empowering women through their designs, such … Read more